Fetch Your Favourite from a Pool of 50+ Latest Templates for Brochure Designs 

When everything around you is changing and getting upgraded, why not take your brochure printing to the next level?

Brochure, although a piece of paper, is much more than one thinks. Despite digitalization, nothing can strike a lasting impression than a well-designed brochure. No matter what the business is, a brochure forms an integral part of the traditional printed marketing collateral, despite the growing popularity of online marketing initiatives even today, which is why, along with a website, social networking platforms, advertising and marketing efforts, companies are giving importance to the brochure as well.

To fulfill the desire of businesses to showcase their products and services in an attractive and appealing way to consumers, Design’N’Buy launched 50+ new brochure design templates that cover almost all major business sectors like real estate, professional services, medical and healthcare, educational and training, tours and travels, etc. which can be easily personalized by any user.

The latest brochure design templates come in both bi-fold and tri-fold formats to choose from. Apart from that, one gets the following personalization features using which a user can design a one-of-a-kind brochure of one’s choice.

Template options 

There are multiple brochure design templates dedicated to each business among which the user can decide the one that seems best for their project.

Brochure template categories

Upload images

The user can edit the templates by replacing the images and graphics with ones that represent the brand or content by uploading them in any format as it is compatible with almost all of them.

Add text

It allows the user to replace the text in the template with their own content by selecting from the dozens of free fonts, experimenting with its sizes, and styles for the best effect.

Print and share

The user can save the edited templates for later as well as share them directly on the online or social platform of their choice.

Colour palette 

The user gets a wide palette of colors to choose from or can also create a custom color of their own choice to match it up with their brand color.

Theme and background

The template offers themes and backgrounds that can be modified to suit the brand image and the needs of target audiences.

Design preview

The user can take a preview of their edited template and once finalized, can directly add it to the cart to make the purchase.

Play around features

The template can be further customized in terms of the number of pages, design, shape, clipart, layout, size, etc. with web to print brochure design software.


Each brochure template undergoes individual thru-cut which means each is cut to shape and delivered as individual pieces. Moreover, with a wide variety of material options, customers can get their brochures printed with the text and basic artwork in the colour of their choice from solid ink colours including fluorescents and metallics.

It also allows the user to check the pricing of the ready-made templates or the one personalized by the customers using the shipping calculator available in it which shows the estimate shipping value as per the geographical location.

We hope our latest brochure design templates will be welcomed by you all. To know more about them feel free to contact our sales representative or support team today.

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