Design’N’Buy Launches Product Demo In Spanish and Portuguese To Capture The Latin American Market

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Two months after Antonio Garrido joined Design’N’Buy as its Chief Operating Officer — Latin America, we are happy to announce the launch of its flagship web-to-print software solution in the Spanish and Portuguese language .

This is not surprising given how steadily we are making strides across the globe with our web-to-print storefront builder — first foraying into the South American textile printing market and partnering with RICOH Rus Ltd in 2020 and then stepping into the Slovakian region last year.

Now, the Spanish-speaking print service providers will be able to receive a demo in their native language, thereby piquing greater interest and boosting higher conversions.

Our COO, Mr. Antonio, hit the ground running when he joined us in December 2021. From the beginning, he showcased all the qualities necessary to assume such a results-oriented job. He will be the face and voice behind our online design tool demos.

I am 100% confident he will do a fantastic job in giving engaging presentations and scaling our customer base,” says Nidhi Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO, Design’N’Buy.

The leading web2print service provider is known for consistently upgrading its All-In-One Web2Print (AIOW2P) software solution with all the functionalities necessary for running a successful print business.

Latin America is rapidly growing market especially their ecommerce market.

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Since the web-to-print market is expected to value at $15 billion by 2027, the time is ripe for Design’N’Buy to prepare itself for the future. The online designer tool is ideal for commercial printers, print brokers, and other print service providers.

“We know our web2print online designer is second to none, and we have proven experience in helping online print businesses grow like never before. We have been very strategic yet flexible in our approach to business model transformations.

The decision to launch product demos in Spanish is proof that we are expanding in an offshore capacity by making hires that fall beyond the geographical boundaries.

Besides, by leveraging Antonio’s experience and knowledge, we can successfully face the challenges that the Latin American print and graphics industry is facing,” explains Ms. Agrawal.

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Design’N’Buy’s web-to-print editor has cemented its popularity in Mexico through robust and long-lasting partnerships with local dealers. The company is already in talks with many leading print retailers in other parts of South America.

Under Antonio’s tutelage, Design’N’Buy is aligning the company’s revenue goals and product strategy to ensure customer expectations are met in the South American market.

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In addition, we commit to provide exceptional customer service in the local time zone and language to our Spanish-speaking customers. To find out more about how Design’N’Buy’s web2print software can make a difference, drop a line at [email protected] or Request a Demo

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