Design’N’Buy All Set To Market Web-To-Print Solutions In The South American Digital Textile Printing Industry With Grafix’s Help

We at Design’N’Buy believe innovation requires thinking big and joining hands with the right people. Of course, with that comes a risk of failure, and most companies are not prepared to handle it. But guess what? Breakthroughs don’t happen when companies work alone.

Fortunately for us, we covered a lot of ground before we decided to venture into the South American markets to sell our web-to-print solutions. And by “covering a lot of ground,” we mean we found a partner to help us raise the bar as the leading global W2P solutions provider.

Grafix is a famous Columbian company specializing in selling digital printing equipment and consumables in packaging, textile, publishing, and other similar industries across the South American countries.

They sell and distribute HP Indigo, Esko, Mimaki, Karlville, Kama, Scodix, Abg, Kornit, Transmatic, Efi, and other professional equipment useful in digital printing. We are proud to include them in the next chapter of our business journey.

As you know, in the past decade, Design’N’Buy has carved a niche for itself in North America for being a famous brand in the web-to-print industry. Eighty percent of our client base is from the US, including four major states: Florida, Texas, New York, and California.

Just because we are an established go-to business solution offering an integrated product design tool for online businesses, it doesn’t mean we will stop seeking more growth opportunities and expanding our wings in other geographies.

There is no doubt the Grafix team’s experts will help us promote our web-to-print software solutions to the digital textile printers and print service providers the right way in the Spanish speaking countries in the continent, including Colombia and Ecuador.

They are entirely in sync with the growth opportunities in the print industry and research the best software solutions that would benefit the customers the most. After all, they are known as experts in digital printing!

We are sure they will help us overcome the time zone and language barriers and keep serving our customers to the best of our ability with the support of their local sales. Partnering with them is indeed a strategic development for Design’N’Buy in the said geography.

The Grafix team is also excited to work with us, and even though we are starting in the textile industry, this partnership is bound to have a long-lasting effect on both the companies. We request you to watch out this space for more!

We understand how COVID-19 has disrupted the whole world, and businesses are struggling to make it through the year. But we firmly believe this partnership sets a concrete example to other companies and show them that they too can pivot, expand their services, and generate more revenues with long-term planning and well-timed business decisions.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of our staff members at [email protected] if you want to understand how we can equip and power-up your online printing company with the help of our web-to-print software solutions. Alternatively, browse through Speak to you soon

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