How Your Customers In The Nonprofit Sector Can Benefit From Your Printing Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought economies worldwide to a grinding halt and created a general sense of uncertainty about how the future will play out. At the same time, there is an increased focus on empathy, giving back to society, and assisting those hardest hit by the lockdown in any way possible.

Nonprofits or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) invest in several activities that make life easier for front-line employees and pandemic victims, from food donations and childcare support to health and wellness initiatives.

However, NGOs that traditionally relied on live events and fundraisers to collect donations are now having trouble doing so because of social distancing norms. It is also more challenging for them to offer the benefits they usually would – such as picnics or competitions with prizes – to entice donors to pitch in and raise funds.

Are your printing services the answer to their prayers?

An alternative that many NGOs are exploring is to conduct remote campaigns that raise money by selling branded merchandise online. There is an excellent opportunity here for web-to-print companies like yours to work with an industry that consistently needs branded materials and would benefit from a cost-efficient web-to-print eCommerce solution.

A key component of attracting donations is using the right creative material to promote the cause in question. Particularly now, when in-person interaction cannot happen, the branded creatives need to do all the talking. This is where your web-to-print design solution can be a boon for nonprofits strapped for time.

Web-to-Print to the rescue of NGOs

To create an even more compelling offer for NGOs, you can set up a web-to-print store (a printing platform) for the NGOs and offer their custom merchandise for sale via the online print designer. Here are five benefits of web2print:

1. Access to an array of customizable, print-ready items

With the help of a web-to-print solution, you enable a platform where NGOs can customize designs such as posters, t-shirts, brochures, and other merchandise using the online print designer and get them printed rather conveniently. Irrespective of which fundraise they organize, they can sort out the merchandise and marketing assets with ease.

2. Enable user accounts for NGOs

Every web-to-print platform will allow users to create their accounts. This means NGOs can also store their designs and templates for future use whenever needed and in their branding. No investment is required as the store is entirely online, and no distribution for NGOs to worry about as your web-to-print company itself handles order delivery.

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3. Sensible production; no bulk printing

Moreover, accessing your web-to-print storefront means that NGOs can place orders as and when needed and result in no wastage in the precise amounts. It is indeed value for money for them.

4. Plan fundraising campaigns as per the budget

As the financial budget is always tight for NGOs, they have to be very conscious of where and how they spend their money. When placing an order on your web-to-print store, they can calculate the pricing based on items to be printed, volumes, materials, and so on. This method also eliminates lengthy conversations with salespersons and saves time.

5. Order management and fulfillment under one roof

By taking care of order management, fulfillment, and delivery in a single solution, you are keeping things simple for the NGO, allowing them to focus on actual community work. At the same time, your online store brings in the revenue for your printing business.

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So, if you are looking to pitch your printing services to an NGO, here is what you should keep in mind:

1. Know about their work

Before you approach nonprofits to pitch your services, you should research their work in the past and the marketing campaigns they have conducted. This will help you craft a tailored pitch that shows the nonprofit how your services can precisely fit in with what they need.

2. Give them competitive deals

Nonprofits typically don’t have big marketing budgets, so online store options like the ones you offer will make financial sense for them. Design all-in-one plans for them (i.e., product design, order delivery, store promotion, social media support) that fit their budget and also do the trick.

3. Offer suggestions on merchandise and marketing

Many NGOs may not have their marketing team or be new to fundraising through merchandise sales. As a web-to-print company, you can offer valuable advice on the kinds of custom products most likely to sell.

For instance, it is recommended to stick to a few high-quality products with attractive designs rather than too many. It is also essential to offer useful products, such as mugs or stationery or tote bags, that NGOs’ target audiences will use regularly.

With the right product choices, you can easily create their marketing assets without breaking a sweat.

4. Ask the NGO to promote you too

An excellent way to get some publicity for your web2print brand is to offer the nonprofit a discount in return for some promotional text in their campaign that talks about you. This can help you attract customers from among the donors to the campaign and other nonprofit organizations.

5. Participate in their cause

This is a great way to build a relationship with the nonprofit and also give back to society. Apart from deploying the web-to-print solution, offer to donate to the cause they are championing or volunteering at the nonprofit itself (while practicing social distance, of course). This will make them come to you whenever they have any printing requirements.

Over to you

Irrespective of what happens in the world, NGOs still have many issues to raise funds for. And with your online printing services, they can browse through the store, personalize merchandise as per their branding and messaging using the online print designer, set the pricing budget themselves, and place an order in a matter of minutes.

If you would like to do a good deed and tap the NGO market, now is the best time! To deploy web-to-print eCommerce solutions, please email us at [email protected].

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