A Rain Check for The ROI of your printing company before investing in Web-to-Print Technology

One of the primary reasons why you should rain-check your printing company’s ROI before investing in any technology is to ensure your expenses don’t spiral out of control and you don’t splurge on something your business doesn’t require.

However, web2print technology is the exact opposite. Before explaining how, let me ask you:

Have you established the goals you’d like to achieve with web2print technology? Is it to increase leads, increase conversions through sign ups or subscriptions, growth in brand interactions or improve customer service?

If your answer is ‘all,’ let us learn how the technology can do wonders for your business and subsequently boost the ROI.

Instant sharing of quotation

Choose any web2print software, and it will provide an instant quotation system that enables potential customers to submit details of their order such as quantity to print, material type, size of the artwork and more to find out how much the printing job will cost.

The feature allows the printing company to send a quotation without the help of sales representatives quickly. What they can do is follow up with such consumers and convince them to convert.

The ‘price talk’ gets eliminated, and the printing process becomes faster and shorter, thus leading to more sales and more profits.

High volume online print orders

Gone are those days when sales representatives would go from one office to another, taking print orders. Back then, the sales were also limited by geography. But not anymore. Today, consumers can place their orders via desktop or smartphones at any time of the day – thanks to the web2print technology.

Such storefronts allow printing companies to process a higher print volume quickly because the orders get queued up for production through an automated system which gets completed in a short period for prompt deliveries.

The web2print technology eliminates the lengthy conversations that take place during order confirmations. It makes taking orders become not only smart and efficient but also profitable.

Faster artwork proofing process

Since the web2print storefront allows customers to upload their artwork, it strips away the traditional approval process which includes coordination among multiple teams in the printing company. Even if they get a new artwork created by the design team from scratch or by using pre-designed templates, the ball is still in their court.

It is up to them to view the design proofs and quickly give the go-ahead. Nevertheless, the whole process is shorter for both the printing company and the customers – all thanks to the web2print technology. The work gets reviewed, printed and delivered faster!

Seamless online payments

A web2print storefront keeps a tab on a customer’s history with the printing company, including where he or she is stuck in the purchase cycle. Not only can the concerned team get in touch with customers who have yet to make the payment but also offer them multiple options for paying up which could include Cash On Delivery, debit/credit cards, net banking, PayPal, and more. It is all about making things easier for your customers.

Gain customer loyalty

There is no doubt that the web2print technology handles multiples orders simultaneously without breaking a sweat as compared to the traditional offset printing which can only take the load of one customer at a time.

With technology, you can not only churn out orders faster but also know exactly what your customer wants and when. For instance, you can strengthen a customer’s marketing supply chain by printing brochures for a high-in-demand product swiftly, in emergencies.

That would not only increase your loyal customer base but also ensure a steady flow of revenues.

Open new avenues for growth

Investing in web2print technology is like outsourcing. You outsource menial tasks like sharing quotes, taking orders, getting artwork approvals, and following up on payments. With the help of the technology, your staff frees up, and they can help in offering other services like on-demand marketing, web development, IT services and more – all in the realm of printing.

Branching out will double or triple your annual sales and increase your ROI. You can tap new opportunities and ensure multiple incomes, rather than just focusing one offering or service which most businesses end up doing.

W2P technology simplifies the buying process

It lets your customers have complete control over their company, budget, and inventory. From placing an order to tracking their shipment, they don’t need to rely on your team unless necessary, and they enjoy this freedom.

Your business is on even during off-hours, and your customer base isn’t limited to geography or time zones.

Check out the web2print ROI calculator by Design’N’Buy

We provide the feature to both existing businesses and startups. After answering a short questionnaire, you get the complete report on how much labor costs you save, how much does it take to take an order, sent artwork for approval, shipment and more.

It’s worth a try specifically when you are confused about incorporating new technology to boost revenues. You can try it here for free.

Over to you

Without wasting any time, strike a deal with a reputed vendor that can implement the web2print software for your printing company and train your staff on using it.

You can even talk to us, and we will give you a personalized demo. All you need to do is comment below or email at [email protected] for us to reach out to you with software apt for your business requirements.

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