All-in-one Product Designer V1.3 Release Announcement (T-Shirt Design Tool): Now available on iPad

It took our team almost 2 months to conceptualize, design and develop a non-Flash design tool specifically for the iPad’s features and screen size. The beta version has been released and is currently available for live demonstrations.

Now web store owners and our existing clients can expand their customer base by offering iPad users the ability to personalize their products and order online.

You just need to own and maintain a single Magento store. Your web store will load the appropriate design tool for the specific user’s operating system.

The iPad specific design tool will offer all the basic features necessary for personalization like add clipart, add text, add note etc. PC users will automatically be directed to the original Flash design tool with our full complement of features for personalization.

The rest of the front store and workflow will operate identically to provide a consistent user experience whether you store is accessed from a PC or an iPad.

The below diagram explains the overall scenario:

For iPhone users, we are developing a very user friendly, full featured non-Flash design tool app that has been modified specifically to maximize the iPhone’s screen size and available features.

We know you’re going to love our new unique solution, so please contact our sales team for a personalized demo of our iPad design tool.

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