Packaging Businesses that are Thriving Because Of Our All-In-One-Designer (AIOD)

Team Design’N’Buy loves to keep its clients happy. We know our web-to-print services are brilliant and one of the best in the print industry. So when printing businesses worldwide come to us for help, we cannot say NO. In this little segment, we discuss the different things we have done for some of our packaging clients.

1. EtikettDirekt

packaging design software storefront

A German client named wanted us to deploy multi-currency and multi-language (English and German) plugins for their personalized label printing site. They also had specific filter options which they wanted on each product page. So we also helped them deploy those.

2. Ipsis Pack

ipic pack packaging co.

Another project involved setting up printing solutions for packaging items for a business in Brazil named ipsis Pack. We implemented AIOD and integrated all customer data, past and current orders, products, and templates along with other essential data successfully. The new store is going to launch very soon.

3. Pixio

PIXIO with web to print

A Malaysian printer named PIXIO who is selling packaging products along with wall art, wallpaper, frames, canvas, and more wanted to integrate our AIOD with its Magento 1 eCommerce site. So we created a bespoke homepage to structure and organize all products and deployed print-ready, customizable templates for 3D products, badges, letterheads, posters, magnets, and so on.

Since they work with multiple vendors, we set up a store with centralized administration, where each store is targeted to sell personalized printing services in a niche product segment.

4. Digitaaldrukwerk

digital drukwerk image

We did a similar thing for a Dutch client who has three separate storefronts. is one of them. We set up personalized eCommerce sites on Magento 1 and integrated multiple products like boxes and packaging, greeting cards and invitations, and promotional items and gifts.

The client also wanted a ton of features in our AIOD, so we made customizations based on their requirement.

5. Communiekaarten

Communiekaarten image

Erwin, the owner of these dutch print stores were so impressed with the results he recieved after adopting Web-to-Print that he further approach us to integrate AIOD in two more store i.e Communiekaarten & Babygrafix

Do you want to experience similar results for your packaging business?

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