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April was an excellent month for the Design’N’Buy team. They participated in INKISH.TV’S webinar “Learn With Us · Sell Print Online” on April 22, 2021.

INKISH.TV, a Danish online TV channel for and about printing, was launched in 2014, and it quickly became the go-to platform for discussing challenges faced in the industry and printers. 

Naturally, when the popular web-to-print solutions provider got a chance to present their flagship business solution, All-In-One Designer, on the prestigious global platform, they grabbed it with both hands and how.

After having physically exhibited at events such as ISS, Graph Expo, and Drupa, INKISH.TV was the next best choice for global promotion.gew

Interestingly, the session with Design’N’Buy’s co-founder and CEO Nidhi Agarwal and Dheeraj Pandey, AVP — Sales and Business, and INKISH.TV’s team.

The Design’N’Buy team gave a live demo to explain how printing businesses could benefit from deploying the web-to-print technology to the webinar attendees. In this article, we will discuss the key takeaways for printers like you from the webinar:

1. Design’N’Buy is perfect for selling all types of print products.

print products

Whether you specialize in personalized gifting items and custom apparel or marketing collaterals and photo books to wide-format products such as canvas and backdrops, Design’N’Buy’s AIOD is flexible and can help the end-customers place orders on them.

2. The storefront (homepage) is fully customized.

Design’N’Buy genuinely believes that every web-to-print solutions provider is trying to help printers grow their business. But the former goes the extra mile and ensures that every printer’s storefront homepage is fully customized.

So if you want to structure your products on a specific page on the homepage, that is OK. Design’N’Buy offers you that functionality. In addition, the storefront is entirely HTML, hence easy to personalize.

3. Design’N’Buy has relatively comprehensive personalization functionality.

design studio

On Design’N’Buy’s AIOD, it is possible to manage various printing options and experiment with complicated variable combinations.

The web-to-print solutions provider allows you to set filter options (e.g., colors, materials, bleed size, quantities to print, and so on) depending on the product the end-customer personalizes.

For instance, in business cards, they might want to choose between business cards with a glossy or matte finish. How do they want the card corners to be? Square or rounded? You can add that filter as well.

Moreover, they can also do a price check to see how your items fare compared to the competitors. They have to paste the competitor product’s URL link on the editor itself to see the comparison.

4. There are other advanced features to play with as well.

Design’N’Buy also offers features such as Live Preview so that your end-customer can see what the product will look like while making changes to it. There is also a 3D preview option which makes it easier for them to gauge how the product will look once printed.

Both the options significantly reduce the printing errors and ensure happy customers at the end of the day because they can make changes to the order before checking out.

Plus, the design tool also takes info from the customer’s profile through the AutoFill feature. That means they do not have to manually input data to the template, and can save time — thus shortening the purchase cycle.

5. Order and vendor management is relatively easy on AIOD.

Whether you source the products yourself or have hundreds of thousands of vendors, managing the operations from the admin panel is relatively easy.

For instance, if you are a print broker who outsources products from multiple vendors, you can create accounts for them and automate the order process. That way, as soon as an order is placed, the system will automatically choose the suitable vendor for providing the set items.

6. Storefront speed is not a problem with Design’N’Buy.

website loading speed

Web-to-print solutions provider has servers across the globe, such as the US and Europe. Meaning, your end customers will always receive a fast browsing experience because the system will choose the nearest server based on their location.

Design’N’Buy also offers the technology on-premise (through a license) to control their storefront directly or on subscriptions where the former hosts the site for the printing businesses at a defined fee.

7. Get a fully responsive, mobile-ready store from Design’N’Buy.

Since most traffic comes from mobile, it is necessary to have a storefront that can cater to mobile customers. Design’N’Buy ensures you get a responsive storefront that is easy for your end customers to purchase from.

The best part is building a web-to-print is fully mobile responsive, which comprises specific personalization features after a detailed consultation with you.

Once the team has a better idea of what you want on the store — for example, a form-based editor on mobile or the ability to upload from a mobile photo gallery easily — your end customer will receive a consistent browsing experience across devices.

8. Enjoy multi-language, multi-currency capabilities.

If you are a printing business that caters to a global audience, you can personalize their shopping experience with the help of Design’N’Buy. The web-to-print solutions provider allows you to integrate multi-currency and multi-language capabilities into the storefront as well as design studio.

For instance, if your end-customer is in Denmark and the other in India, both will see the currency in Danish krone and Indian rupee separately.

The same thing happens with languages. So, for example, Danish and German end-customers would see the storefront in their languages.

The web-to-print technology picks up the IP address and showcases the storefront in the language and currency of that particular region. It is that advanced.

9. Integrate multiple tax plugins to sell in your preferred location.

Every country has different sales taxes, which need to be incorporated if your printing business operates globally. Design’N’Buy integrates with many third-party tax apps such as Avalara so that printers like you have control over the taxes to be charged on the orders.

10. It is easy to customize templates or upload pre-designed creatives.

branding for market

It is OK if your end customers have in-house support to design the creatives for the printed items. But if they do not, then they can access print-ready and customizable templates. In addition, they can use the extensive library of fonts, clipart, and stock photos and apply all the filters we discussed above.

Given that the Design’N’Buy team understands how difficult it is for everyone to create templates, they have opened a separate portal called DesignRiver. You can purchase print-ready template packages for any occasion and purpose.

These packages can be imported into your Design’N’Buy storefront — ready for use by your customers.

The print industry is evolving.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has accelerated the shift to online shopping by five years. As a result, printers have to pull up their socks to cater to consumers’ changing needs and buying patterns. Web-to-print technology is the ultimate remedy.

According to Ms. Agarwal, “our job is to create progressive, scalable web-to-print solutions that cater to all printers taking online orders. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we want them to use our open-source software and let us customize the platform for their bespoke printing requirements. Your business does not adapt to our AIOD. Instead, we do for you. That is our biggest USP.”

So what are you waiting for? If you are interested to see the world of difference our web-to-print solution can make to your business, book a free demo for yourself today!

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