Custom Printing Kits or Bundles – the New way to Grow your Print Business Sales

The world is moving at a very fast pace and to stay at top of their customer’s mind, every other business is coming up with something different to setup their brand image. The corporate these days are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to promoting their business. It might be a new product launch or a conference, every single event these days is an opportunity to make it big and get noticed. A new company launch, an exhibition or a major convention, whatever it is, the businesses need to tell the world exactly what are they going to accomplish, and to do that, they need great promotional materials. Companies looking for promos are increasingly requesting personalized products with their own branding to advertise their business.

In addition to this, corporate are spending a lot on internal team building through corporate merchandize like personalized t-shirts, business cards, pens and day to day stationery.

A Growing Opportunity for Print Service Providers

Print service providers that serve the needs of corporate and retail customers alike are now taking advantage of this move and started offering one-stop services to their corporate customers. Advancement in digital printing and comprehensive solutions like web-to-print have helped them to offer a complete range of personalized products to their corporate customers at affordable cost with short run jobs.

With a comprehensive eCommerce portal having web-to-print features, you can now set up private branded online stores for each of your B2B customer that hosts a list of products, either pre-decorated with their brand or are ready to be customized. You can also set products with editable templates as needed. For example, set up a business card template keeping the company name, logo and address locked while keeping employee name, designation and phone number editable so that authorized users can login and order their business cards with their own details keeping it in sync with their corporate business card design.

Similarly you can setup all products that your corporate customer needs, keeping the design aesthetics consistent with desired editing features. This ensures brand consistency in all printed goods you offer and making ordering process as simple and quick as possible.

Now, this trend is also leading to a gradual rise in the segment of custom kits and bundled products where the entire bundle can have a fixed price which is lesser than the total cost of each of the individual items and yet within your profit margin. All your corporate customers have to do is, select their product bundle and check out! A couple of clicks and their monthly shopping is done!

Let’s explore some of the corporate kit options you can offer to your B2B customers:

Start Up Kit

With the digital era moving forward, there are a lot of businesses establishing every day. And every serious business owner or a start up requires a corporate start up kit that contains both a corporate seal and official certificates of ownership. As an accessory for a new business, the corporate kit may contain a carrying pouch, customized with the name of the company and the date and state of formation. The corporate kit may also contain a professional binder enclosed in a matching slipcase, along with a embossing seal stamp personalized with the company name, state of formation and date of formation which is useful for stamping formal documents. The kit can serve as the official formation documents holder. If needed, you may even include personalized certificates and forms too.

Expo and Promotional Kit

Companies these days promote their business with branded marketing items, promotional material, tradeshow giveaways and corporate apparel. These may include Diaries, Calendars, Pens, Tumblers or Water Bottles, Pen Drives etc.

Also, when participating or exhibiting in any exhibition or expo, they need Custom Banners, Flyers, Corporate Brochure, Visiting Cards, Badges, T-shirts/Shirts, Caps etc. to stand out and get noticed to assure maximum footfall on their booths.

This trend given print services providers an excellent opportunity to jump in and do it all for their corporate accounts.

New Employee Kit

Offering a welcome kit to a new employee is trending these days to make him feel special as well as making on-boarding process more focused and result-oriented. Offering a company branded custom corporate kit to a new joiner with the employee’s name written on each of the products say a folder, pen, writing pad and even his organizer diary along with employee handbook and other accessories may lay the foundation of belonging to the team from day one.

Employee kit is a good way to offer bundled custom products to your corporate customers so that they can promote their brand internally to help in team building. By setting up a self service online printing website, let your corporate clients order their custom products from any device, anywhere and at anytime of the day and you can just focus on the only thing you are best at – printing.

Why Sell Such Kits?

Bundling is based upon the idea that consumers usually save 7 to 15 percent more on the value of the grouped package than the individual items when purchased separately. For corporate, in addition it saves time and efforts by buying all printing goods from a single print service provider than dealing with multiple vendors as a single provider can ensure brand consistency and print quality across all printing goods.

On the other hand, for print service providers, there are multiple benefits of such offering:

Increase average order value

Many giant players like Amazon are also using this trend to unlock their store’s earning potential. It just requires grouping multiple customizable products together and sell them as a package deal to create a new price point. With this, where on one hand, your customers will be ecstatic because they’re getting a better deal, your business will see an increase in average order value by selling more without increasing transaction costs along with a boost in sales for lesser-known products.

Enhance customer experience

When your customers can choose specific products and services tailored to their unique wants and needs, they’ll be much happier. Also, corporate generally prefer to deal with a single supplier that working with several different vendors, and an all inclusive bundled product kit helps them reduce the effort of verifying each item individually and ensuring different vendors have produced same printing results and their brand colors and identity is consistent across all products they need.

Improve customer loyalty

When you together with customer invest time in creating his customized products and corporate kits, he’s more likely to value the products he purchased and the company he worked with. So next time he needs any guidance or a new product/services, your company will be at top of mind and the fact that you provided him the value for money, shall encourage him to return to your store more frequently, thus creating loyal customers for your business.

Offer add-on products and services

When you customize a service or product to fit your customer’s needs, you will have a better understanding of their buying behavior and preferences, thus allowing you to get more out of it. You can explore their needs further and pitch additional services like data preparation (employee and customers), graphics design, packaging and shipment etc.


Bundling of products might be one of the oldest strategies in the book, but after adding a modern touch of customization to it, it works flawlessly nonetheless. You could test this by adding personalization to one of your most popular products to see how customers respond. You can also use your newsletter list to get feedback if existing customers would be willing to wait longer or pay more in exchange for more creative control.

In fact, you as a print seller can even go to an extent that people or corporate have complete freedom in selecting the products they are looking for and packaging them as required. Offer a pre-specified pool of products for customers to choose from. This will reduce your compilation problems and will let you effectively be in control of the product bundle but not restricting the customers to only buy those products.

We, at DESIGN’N’BUY have been working with print service providers for more than 10 years now and tailored our web-to-print solutions to let our customers setup private branded corporate stores to maximize their customer’s user experience. All the stores (retail and corporate) are hosted under centralized system with single back-end administration, making it easy to operate and manage. So, contact us at [email protected] for a personal consultancy and let us evaluate your business objectives and guide you with the best-fit solution that not only meets your current goal but is futuristic too.

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