Design’N’Buy is Releasing V1.5 for All-in-one Product Designer

The new version has a lot of new features, and we believe that all our clients will benefit from at least some of them.

Recent All-in-one Product Designer V1.5 Includes:

    • Improved Load Time: We have improved the procedure to load different assets within design studio for faster load time. Loading messages and progress bars have been implemented to ask users to wait until the required assets are loaded.
    • Design Studio UI Enhancements: Unique icons, better panel designs and logical organization of similar action items make design studio more user-friendly and attractive to work with.
    • Third-party Photo Library Integration: Now users can import images from Picasa, Flickr and Facebook. Users will need to sign-in to their FB account to import images from their personal account while they can search desired public images from Flickr. They can import public images from Picasa by entering personal Gmail account username or any search criteria in search box.
    • Name/Number Module: Name/Number feature allows users to place bulk order with same design for team or group of people. It allows you to input personalized names/numbers so that each t-shirt can have a DIFFERENT name and/or number For example, if you are designing a jersey or a t-shirt for your soccer team, you can create the design by placing Name/Number on either front or back of the t-shirt. You can customize the font type, font size and color of Name & Number to be printed. Once the design is ready, you can mention the Name/Number and Size for each team member in the given table and place bulk order in one go.
    • Social Media Sharing: Now share your artwork design on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as via E-mail and let the world know about your creative abilities.
    • Undo-Redo: Undo reverses the most recent editing command while redo reverts the effects of the undo action.
    • Output Generation without pixel limits and as per the CPU capacity
    • Re-open your saved design, edit it further and save it again or save as a new design
    • Multi-object select by mouse dragging
    • Detailed Interactive Help
    • Bug Fixes
    • Code Optimization

This release has been regressively tested over a period of one month to make sure we fix all regressive bugs. This release is paid and “opt in” meaning that first analyze your existing All-in-one Product Designer install and see if the above indicated features suit your business requirements and store offerings. Once you decide to get your studio upgraded, contact your sales representative and ask for the upgrade.

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