Design’N’Buy Rolls Out Major Update to All-in-one Designer as Version 2.3

Launches Enhanced User Interface, Performance Upgrades and Exciting New Features

We have revamped All-in-one Designer with user productivity as the primary focus. We want our customers to focus less on managing application and more on selling. For example: we realized that most of our customers design their templates using highly efficient graphics applications and would like to import those designs to make it available for online buyers. Hence we implemented “Import SVG” feature to allow them importing their designs right into template builder to reduce the rework in creating editable web to print templates.

We studied how our customers were interacting with our application and made several improvements to features and workflows within the application to simplify web to print store management. Also, we gathered end-users feedback and simplified the design studio interfaces for easy navigation and artwork creation.

What’s new in All-In-One Designer V2.3

Improved User Interface

  • New fully responsive and customizable Magento storefront theme fully upgraded to latest Magento community and enterprise editions
  • Performance improvements for design studio with faster loading time
  • Better design studio layout for user friendly navigation
  • Browse design ideas in front-end with categorized structure and search functionality, choose and further personalize the design idea over any product of your choice

Manage Design Templates

  • Product Designer Plug-in: Manage centralized design idea repository, configure and assign design idea categories for each product separately
  • Canvas Designer Plug-in: Import SVG feature within template builder, create your design any 3rd party application, export as SVG file and directly import within template builder to quickly create editable template

Text Module Enhancements

  • Quick text edit module within design studio (for Canvas Designer Plug-in only)
  • Decorate text in various shapes

Other Important Features

  • Switch product within design studio without with full catalog browsing (for Product Designer Plug-in only)
  • Customers can edit design from shopping cart page, load it back in design studio for further editing
  • Other utility features like forgot password feature from design studio, remove the uploaded images from the image gallery within design studio etc.
  • Language localization for template builder, so now create store specific design templates in different languages

Pricing and Availability
The upgrade, with brand new user interface and enhancements, will be available to all customers, license and subscription. Also the new version is available for both Magento community edition and enterprise edition.

Version 2.3 will be available starting today.

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