How the Franchise businesses/ Enterprises/ Corporates taking advantage of Web-to-Print to smoothen their marketing, branding and promotional activities

The marketing and media ecosystem is changing. The new marketing landscape is a mix of Print, Digital, Social and various other forms of media. Though new options of media are springing up to attract new consumers, traditional options are experiencing an evolution in their form. One such form of Media is Print Media… “Print Media is not dead; it is there to stay with more digitization”. None of the marketer can deny the importance of print media in establishing brand presence of businesses.

The web-to-Print option is one of the techniques which have changed the corporate print industry to a huge extent. Web2Print media is adopted by corporate, enterprises, franchisee businesses, and other business houses to promote their brand.

With web to print such institutions can empower their sales teams, channel partners, franchisees, and other authorized users to produce personalized marketing materials online from anywhere. All users can access same marketing templates to personalize them as per the local marketing needs, while still ensuring 100% brand compliance.

Web to print is a complete holistic solution for consistent and global branding and promotions. There are numerous ways in which it has helped brands improve and digitize their branding and promotion activities:

  • Central repository for marketing – Web-to-Print media acts as a central repository for the marketing department. All kinds of templates, designs and layouts are available at one place and thus make it easily accessible throughout the organization. People responsible for execution of printing assignments as well as those who approve it can access it from anywhere (be it head office, branch office) and it makes the whole process easy.
  • Cut down print media production costs – For franchise business, the localized printed material is needed based on same layout maintaining the consistency of the brand image. Thus, it saves cost of producing them individually. It also cuts down the cost of getting them produced from designers. Simple templates and layout makes it easy to personalize them for marketing people also.
  • Maintain brand image – Different types of templates and layouts with same design running all across keeps brand images easy to resonate in audience minds and thus keep the brand tone and personality intact. It can be used across every form of branding and promotional material ranging from adverts, flyers, product catalog, brochures, company financial report and many others.
  • Time effective – Cutting down the time on designing, approvals and changes makes it more time effective and thus lessen down the time for businesses and corporates to reach to market with their new branding initiatives.
  • Different formats can be generated easily – For printing, high resolution files can be generated at one-go as well as PDF files for preview and for sending across the organization for proofreading and other purposes can also be produced without any hassle.
  • Social Media & Web-to-Print – Print Material that is generated in web form can be shared on social media pages also and thus it easy to refresh an image on social media as well.

Automation and self-service portals have revolutionized the way enterprises work these days. Web to print is one such essential investment with major ROIs being increased efficiency and cost reduction with ability to accessible from anywhere, anytime and everyone.

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