Market Growth of Digital Textile Printing

In the early 20’s, digital textile printing was used on a small industrial scale, but at the current time, the textile process has turned upside down. The digital textile printing industry is projected to hit USD 2.31 billion by the end of 2023. Every other fabric industry, whether small or large, uses an eco-friendly ink jet depending on the nature of the printing and layout of the fabric. Market statistics observed the rising fashion trends in the apparel industry on demand.

The estimated demand in the textile printing industry would play a vital role in the growth of digital textile printing in the near future. In addition, emerging apparel trends are boosting numerous new market opportunities for e-commerce and advertising industries.

Sounds surprising! Let’s take a brief look at the growth of the digital textile printing industry.



Infographic- Market Growth of Digital Textile Printing






  • Digital textile printing is definitely a stable and high-demand sector in the coming years.
  • DTP is emerging as the next wave of highly competitive printing industry
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