After South America, We Now Conquer Russia And Neighboring Countries With Ricoh Russia

The year 2020 has not been kind to any one of us. But what it has taught us is that hard work never goes waste, and with time, we all reap its rewards. Something like that happened with us – even though times were tough – we didn’t slow down our pace; instead, we decided to face the economic adversity plaguing the entire world.

Guess what happened? After we successfully made our way to Colombia and Ecuador last month, we got the opportunity to partner with none other than RICOH Group – the multinational imaging and electronics company! That’s right.

We have joined hands with their Russian division RICOH Rus Ltd. We hope our association will help sell our brilliant web-to-print software solutions in northern and central Asia and eastern Europe – all the untapped regions.

Through RICOH Russia, we hope to target a string of upcoming nations such as Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, and Georgia.

Given our 60% of the client base is from America and the remaining from western Europe, Australia, and Scandinavia, venturing into the countries, as mentioned above, is nothing less than exciting and exciting!

Don’t get us wrong – we are delighted to see the progress we are making in our previously tapped geographies. No web-to-print solutions provider understands that market better than us. But given how uncertain today’s economy is, we want to keep treading forward.

Especially with brands such as RICOH, we have the potential to offer our web-to-print software solutions to print businesses and other establishments in Russia and its neighboring nations and improve our profitability. Plus, with the world economy slowly picking up pace, there is never a better time than now to expand our horizons and drive maximum sales.

Our partnership with RICOH Rus Ltd is the fruit of such forward-thinking. RICOH Group is often known as the pioneer in industrial and commercial printing. Headquartered in Tokyo, it currently functions in over 200 countries worldwide, including Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Austria, Finland, and India!

Having been in the business for more than 80 years has made RICOH the go-to option for purchasing multiple office equipment and printing systems. In the last financial year, it earned $18.5 billion from global sales.

RICOH Group’s main aim is to empower digital workplaces with services that equip businesses and individuals to work smartly and efficiently. So, we will also get the support we need to keep our best foot forward in the new target geography.

RICOH Russia believes business value can’t be achieved via technology alone. Partnering with an equally strong brand is necessary to propel sales. Combine RICOH production machines with our web-to-print storefront solutions; both businesses can leverage so much mileage in a shorter period.

This partnership will enable RICOH to offer photos, wallpaper, textile, and commercial printing solutions and deliver bespoke business and workflow solutions apt for customer requirements.

Watch out for this space as our partnership with RICOH Rus Ltd unravels, and while you do that, book yourself a personalized demo of our web-to-print solution to check out what an incredible difference we can make to your business!