DesignO 2.0: Easy, Fast, and Unmatched Web to Print Flexibility

Designo 2 web to print version

We’re excited to announce the arrival of DesignO 2.0, a complete overhaul of the web to print platform you’ve grown to trust. DesignO 2.0 isn’t just an update, it’s a revolution. 

We’ve packed it with powerful features designed to transform your business. This transformative product update takes things a step further, introducing a powerful suite of features that will empower businesses, streamline workflows, and reach new levels of efficiency.

Sneak Peak into Awesome New DesignO 2.0 Features

Let’s explore the latest enhancements that will redefine the DesignO experience.

✅ Product Configurability and Pricing Made Easy: Ditch the Pricing Spreadsheets and Opt for Robust Pricing Engine

Say goodbye to complex pricing sheets and hello to intuitive configurability!

DesignO 2.0 allows you to configure custom options and pricing directly within the platform, replicating the ease of working in a spreadsheet.

Whether you need quantity tier pricing, size-based variations, or any other scenario, DesignO 2.0 adapts to your needs. Imagine creating quotes in minutes, not hours – that’s the power of DesignO 2.0.

✅ Effortless Order Creation for Increased Efficiency

Imagine receiving an order via phone or email. Traditionally, this would involve manual data entry. DesignO 2.0 eliminates this hassle with a new “Create Order” option for Admin users.

designo order management cta

This allows them to generate orders directly from the backend, perfect for handling offline inquiries. This ensures all orders are efficiently managed within the system and benefit from DesignO’s features.

✅ Powerful Quotation Management: A Win-Win for Businesses and Customers

The Quotation module is a game-changer for managing quote requests. This versatile tool offers a centralized hub for both businesses and customers to create, track, and manage quotes efficiently. This streamlines communication and facilitates smoother transactions.

  • Customer-centric experience: Customers can request quotes directly from their “My Account” section within the storefront. They can view a list of previous requests, their status, and download them for reference. Filtering options allow for easy sorting and management.
  • Admin user empowerment:  The DesignO backend grants Admin users access to a dedicated “Quotations” module. This provides them with a comprehensive view of all quotes, the ability to perform various actions (view, edit, approve, reject, etc.), and filter/search functionalities.

✅ Enhanced Order Management: Gain Valuable Insights and Maintain Data Integrity

Data is crucial for any business.

DesignO 2.0 understands this and introduces a new export feature that allows Admin users to effortlessly export order details in CSV format.  This enables:

  • Seamless data transfer:  Effortlessly transfer order data to other systems for further analysis or integration.
  • Simplified backups: Maintain secure and organized backups of your order information.

✅ Product Cloning: Save Time and Effort When Creating Similar Products

Creating similar products often involves repetitive tasks. DesignO 2.0 introduces a time-saving “Product Clone” feature.

This allows Admin users to effortlessly clone existing products and make minor modifications as needed. This streamlines product creation and frees up valuable resources for other tasks.

✅ Improved Communication: A Clearer and More User-friendly Message Module

Clear communication is essential for building strong customer relationships. DesignO 2.0 prioritizes this with an improved message module.

This features a clearer layout and enhanced date display for better readability. This ensures clear and concise communication, leading to a more positive customer experience.

✅ Third-Party Integrations: Unlock a Unified Workflow with Seamless Integrations

DesignO 2.0 empowers businesses to connect with their existing e-commerce platforms through robust new APIs. This creates a unified workflow, eliminating data silos and ensuring a smooth operation from start to finish.

🏆 In Conclusion: Designo 2.0 Is Paving The Way For A New Era In Web To Print

With DesignO 2.0, we’re not just launching a new platform, we’re opening a new chapter for web-to-print. We want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has been an integral part of this journey so far. 

🎯 We’re incredibly excited for the future and
can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.🎯

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