Personalized Unboxing Experience is a new opportunity for Printing and Packaging companies

In an eCommerce business, there are many ways to spread your brand awareness. But the tactic that was untouched for a long long time was the ‘Unboxing’ experience. Packing the product inside the age old white bag or plain brown box will not be enough to wow your customers, and ‘Unboxing’ experience has picked up its craze in the last couple of years.The trend has been around for years, but has not been leveraged to full potential. And now many eCommerce brands are giving “Unboxing Experience” an equal weightage as given to online buying user experience.

In the fourth quarter of last year, Tubular Insights notes unboxing videos generated more than 500 million views. That’s higher than the year-end norm.With popular channels drawing in as many as 2.4 billion views, Unboxing is now being a lot more just the action of taking something out of a box.

In Dotcom’s 2015 “Unwrapping the Experience” study, 49% of people said that brilliant packaging makes them more excited about receiving items from that brand, and 39% said it made them more likely to share the experience. This indicates that the Unboxing trend is opening new doors for the printing and packaging companies and with the help of technology the printers can even help brands reach new dimensions by easing their marketing efforts.

Customization and personalization are already making huge impact since last few years and those who are into printing and packaging business are also leveraging the technology advancements to help their corporate customers offer a unique and personalized unboxing experience. Helping their clients make their packages stand out and allowing them to do something that’s a little out of the ordinary is what keeping the printers stand out from others. So, before your corporate customers switch away, how about helping them to walk that extra mile to create a great experience?

Personalized Unboxing

Many brands have already been trying their hands on offering customized products and now you printers and packaging suppliers, can join them too! Make it easy for your customers to choose their personalization options to deliver the best to their end customers.

If you are offering printing and packaging solutions to your customers, you can gain an edge by providing them with an online print store, where they can either personalize their packaging ideas themselves or even choose an idea from the pre-designed templates and edit it as per needs to create a perfect branded packaging for the products they sell. This would help you to reduce the amount of communication for designing and artwork approval, while giving self-service power to your B2B customers to use their creative instincts to create unique packaging.

All-In-One Designer Web-to-Print, the flagship product by Design’N’Buy is one such well proven solution to let you offer personalize packaging products online. It takes care of all your business needs, allowing your customers to design their own products from through any device and order at any time, and all you need to do is just focus on providing variety of packaging solutions and printing services. Strategically you, as a printer, can offer your customers a wide range of personalization options for the below mentioned Unboxing elements.

Let’s take a look at some elements you may want to consider:


How do you feel when you come home and see a box with the Amazon logo and that arrow smile on it? Yes, every corporate wants to make their customers feel special and through personalization, you they can go one step ahead and offer personalized boxes to each set of customers based on region, religion, gender, or age etc. Apart from basic features like allowing your customers to add their logo and slogan, allowing them to choose their own box sizes and giving them a clear 3D preview to review their finished product would be cherry on the cake. You can also offer additional options like box material, choice of imprint method with foil and embossing etc.

Another scenario for the use of these personalized boxes is through gift boxes. It’s a simple way to pamper your customers or create new products for special occasions. Keep an eye on these curated gift boxes for ideas.

Packing Paper

Brands can even offer the touch of personalization by the paper used for packaging of products. Wrapping products in branded paper adds an extra level of mystery and excitement for the Unboxing experience. You can offer your customers to order custom printed papers where they can upload their logo with slogan as well as artwork that reflects their brand.

Stickers & Tapes

Sticker can be used in several ways to enhance brand awareness. If you use paper packaging, a branded sticker can be used to seal the paper together or in case you don’t want to go for a custom printed box just like the ones in the image below you can use the stickers as brand messengers. There are many ways that stickers can be used and they are versatile and fairly inexpensive too. So, you can allow your customers to create unique sticker designs in any shape and size by using the colors, fonts, graphics and styles of their own or can even quickly edit a sticker from an array of pre-defined templates.

Gone are the days of using a clear packaging tape. Every space on your packaging and product is an opportunity to market your brand or services. People use colored tapes that can complement their custom packing and brand colors. It may be difficult to scale, but a lot is being talked about the idea of including brand’s logo and/or a message on tapes to make end consumers aware that there are real people behind the brand. So, compliment your product portfolio by offering personalized tapes and ribbons to your customers to complete their packaging needs.

Promotional Material/Business Card

Just like stickers, there are endless possibilities that you can use a business card in. A business card doesn’t have to always be a traditional one displaying company information, but can be used as a very inexpensive way of sharing promos and coupons to support any business. For example, just like the below image shows, your customers can add a gift card or coupon inside their packaging that gives the recipient a discount on their next order. Offer personalized coupons, gift cards and business cards to enhance branding opportunities for your customers in whatever they sell.


If you’re offering custom packaging, my recommendation is to implement a self-service online portal now to showcase your product portfolio and services. The experience it will offer to your customers will easily be worth the cost. Many of your customers must be already selling a fantastic product that people want and are buying, so why not help them show it off with spiffy packaging and offering a personalized unboxing experience to their end customers?

If you are a printer or print service provider offering custom packaging solutions, and thinking about expanding your business with personalized product offerings, leave us a comment or write to us at [email protected]and we’ll reach you with a plan on how our technology driven solutions can help you setup your online store with ease.

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