Self Service is The Future Of Print Industry


Printing business is none of the exception than the other businesses and thus, it also have all form of fixed, variable and overhead expenses. Have you ever thought of cutting down these expenses which seems necessary but can be taken care by your Web2Print solution?

One way of cutting down these expenses and making printing more productive is creating “self-service” in the printing industry for customers and they love this way. Just like any other business for your printing business also, self-service concept can be implement easily. By implementation of self-service sale, production or management cost may cut down to 30 to 40% which can be passing on to customers by offering best prices. Like McDonald’s is doing in food industry by offering self-service.

Human touch is surely indispensable when it comes to customer service but it can be surely be decided when and where to put it. With Web-to-Print solution, most of the overhead expenses incurred by printing business in having dedicated sales, account, graphic persons to manage customers account i.e taking orders, taking care of delivery, coordinating with production and creating art work for customer and taking approval from them, all can be easily eliminated (for those customers with no high Customer Lifetime Value and promising business) by implementing right web to print solution.

Why Customers Love Self-Service?

  1. Lots of time and energy require conveying requirement and making sure that printing partner understood correctly. Taking updates by calling them, sending artwork file by email and make sure that they have received it.
  2. Companies end up adding extra costs of overhead expenses on final product price
  3. Complete control over pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase process

To have a closer look on self-service in printing industry, let’s sneak peek into the benefits of self-service model for print industry.

1“Say to your customers – Serve yourself in a better and quick way”

With Web to print solutions, there’s no need to dedicate sales person for each and every client. One can visit website, place order and then that can be taken care of from back-end by print service providers.

With options of managing print orders, communicating directly with the clients for artwork, high-res images or any other comments, it becomes really easy to complete the whole process without human intervention.

2Customers prefer Self-Service channels rather than full-service

The printing industry has been digitized and thus, customers now look for freedom of having look at the product categories, printing methods and colors by themselves rather than picking up phone and calling someone every time. The cost of dedicated sales person somehow gets add to your products and services and end-users are not ready to opt for it. They are happy to help themselves and go for full-service channels rather than the self-service channels.  Web-to-Print is a perfect answer for full-service channels for the end-users.

Though the costs of sales person seem small but looking at the bigger picture, it involves considerable amount of time, training and efforts involved in serving clients with much lower value and orders. On the demand and shift of customers from full-service to self-service model, Web-to-Print can easily be a medium for the same.

3. Self Service for Printers too

Rather than having full-fledged print production team working back-end, many processes are streamlines and automated like job processing, lining, order dispatch, order fulfillment, managing print machines and more. This not only keep printing machines utilized to full capacity but also removes overhead expenses of maintaining a large production team.

W2P software shape the current model of printing business making it more of self-service and keeping it simple. With no-frills model, it is easy to focus on the core requirement of customer of delivery on time, high quality work, managing low inventory, and many more.

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