Split from eBay is Blessing in disguise for Magento?

It is prevailing that in the corporate world things can change in a split seconds. After 4 years of acquisition with eBay, Magento announced itself an Independent entity, backed by the Permira funds on November 2015. Mark Lavelle, Former Senior Vice President at eBay was appointed as the new CEO and stated:

“During our time as a division of eBay, Inc., we grew revenue fivefold, made significant investments in our core platform and added innovative mobile and Omni channel products. Now, we will build on this momentum–continuing to innovate with speed and at scale while we put renewed focus on expanding our market leadership with stronger emphasis on our global network of system integrators, technology partners and developer community.”

Peter Sheldon, Head of Strategy at Magento, stated: “The Company now could completely concentrate on the Magento ecosystem and merchants without distractions and politics that came from being owned by eBay.”

Many top online retailers were practicing Magento when it was a part of eBay, and now when Magento has set itself free from the wings of eBay, it’s worth glancing that if it was a blessing in disguise for Magento?

I think Magento has put itself into new clothes to lead from front with expectations to become a dominion in E-commerce industry. The top decision makers have already revamped the company face and recently launched wide range of services for B2B companies, not only this but as a standalone business, Magento is still used by prominent leaders in retail eCommerce e.g. by Nike , Vizio, DSW, Abercrombie and Fitch to name a few.

Commerce Flicker in the Cloud

According to the study of Gartner: “Business Transformation and Process Management Bridge the Strategy-to-Execution Gap, “By 2018, model-driven, high-productivity PaaS will be the dominant technology platform for transforming into an adaptive and responsive digital business.”

Unlike Tradition Software-as-a-service(SAAS) commerce solutions which was limited to some multi-tenant E-commerce, the new Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition is equipping merchants to facilitate point of parity to their customer experience by managing and upgrading their own codes rather than running same codes in same cloud service or waiting for “one size fits all” updates. Not only this, also the service allows retailers to natively integrate with existing systems which will ensure they run along with fast paced technology.

It is expected that new Magento enterprise cloud service will soon successfully convert all there paying enterprise merchants which were more than 3100.

Magento has built its new eCommerce Platform-as-a-service (PAAS) on Amazon web service, which makes storefront flexible, reliable, scalable and affordable. The new Magento enterprise cloud edition facilitates natural pairing, as 30% of magneto enterprise clients already host on AWS, to make this edition more accessible to retailers company is also planning to introduce low price plans.

Company designed Platform.sh, the continuous delivery PaaS cloud hosting company to do beyond a public PaaS, also announced that Magento Commerce has chosen the company’s second generation PaaS for its newly launched Magento Enterprise cloud edition.

Next-Generation Magento Marketplace

Magento made a number of announcements during Magento Imagine 2016 which gathered 2,200 attendees from world, out of which one big announcement was the launch of its next generation commerce Applications Marketplace, Magento Marketplace.

Magento Marketplace will be a sort of app store for Magento 2.0 which would be one stop resource for all things; merchants will be able to buy high quality technology from authenticated developers in the ecosystem.

“Magento has the largest commerce-focused extension marketplace and ecosystem in the world,” said Steve Yankovich, CPO of Magento Commerce. “The new Magento Marketplace represents our continued investment in fuelling this innovative commerce ecosystem. We are focused on offering the most value, access to the latest solutions and making the experience better for our community.”

Quick peek at Magento Marketplace release:

• 155 Extensions are already applicable
• 196 Extensions are soon to come
• 405 Extensions listed as available on Magento Connect
• 50+ Extension vendors

Things Are Getting Even Better…

The flagship open-source Magento is worldwide leader in e-commerce, which supports around $50 billion in gross merchandise volume annually and powering more than 250,000 sites globally.

The launch of Magento 2.0 bought commitment of quarterly release, as an outcome first release 2.1 was announced with enhanced features and capabilities.

What’s new in Magento 2.1?

• Enhanced preview feature
• Updates sorting
• Braintree updates
• New elastic search feature
• Accessibility to 33 languages
• Comprehensive timeline for managing changes
• Background re-indexing
• Background horizontal scaling
• Real-time reporting, personalization and performance optimization
• Checkout with PayPal
• Simplified PCI compliance
• Securely stored credit cards support

What will come in further Magento releases?

• Enhanced CMS
• New promotion types
• Broaden report & analysis

Magento B2B Module

• Account management with permissions
• Custom catalogue
• Custom pricing
• Quoting
• Repeat ordering


Magento has continued to innovate and progress since it was parted, and both the product and its ecosystem have grown to be more powerful. When the deal of eBay and Magento split declared final, Magento emerged as a small firm with less than 1000 employees left vs. 36000 in eBay. That was just a number not failure

• Today Magento have around 250,000 clients all over world
• 3000 enterprise clients
• 300 partners to do system integration for open source
• 70000 code developers
• Flourishing revenue in 9 digits range
• 230,000 downloads of the software on Magento 2
• Over 800 sites live on Magento 2 platform

So with all these advancement and commitments there is no doubt that Magento was and will be the king in eCommerce.



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