Three Major Trendsetters In The eCommerce Packaging Industry In 2019

2019 is fast approaching which means now is an excellent time to talk about the state of the eCommerce packaging industry. According to a 2017 eMarketer report, eCommerce is responsible for 10% of retail sales worldwide and will grow to nearly 15% by 2020.

Given the significant rise in demand, it is evident that eCommerce stores can’t take packaging lightly at any cost. That is because consumers of today still perceive packaging as a part of the product and this perception has a direct influence on their online shopping experience.

A Dotcom Distribution study states 68% of customers think a brand becomes more upscale due to its packaging, and 61% of them get more excited to see a uniquely packaged delivery., India-based poultry, meat and seafood online seller, does a great job with its packaging. The brand uses the caricatures of its customers on the delivery boxes. No wonder, always receives positive feedback for its unique packaging initiatives.

If you check their social media channels, you will find that their customers have posted pictures of the boxes on delivery. The act of social amplification automatically raises the bar for as a brand.

What’s interesting is the fact that eCommerce packaging industry is growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 14.3% from 2017 through to 2022. The industry will be worth $555 billion by 2020.

If you are a packaging company, it is clear your demand will increase even more in 2019. Adding to that thought, here are three areas that will be major trends setters in the New Year:

On-demand packaging

On-demand packaging is a concept of creating custom boxes for every order. This solution is ideal for high-variability shipping environments and is now gaining attention for being eco-friendly.

The online Food & Beverage industry has shown an inclination towards opting on-demand packaging solutions for their products because of their significantly younger consumer base and the type of deliveries.

Although the equipment costs are high, each piece of machinery is optimized for a specific packaging environment. What the machine does is, it cuts and erects a custom box size based on the contents of a particular order.

On-demand packaging has the following benefits:
● Helps the environment
● Reduces clutter on the floor
● Minimizes inventory and saves space in the warehouse
● Decreases labor cost
● Uses less corrugated material and hence it is cheap
● Can be printed on

Personalized packaging

The Coffee Republic is a British coffee bar that sells blends on both online and offline platforms. Their coffee comes in environment-friendly boxes that have coffee symbols all over them, and their logo on the top. The packaging is simple, yet it stands out.

If you want to set your packaging company apart from the competition in the New Year, it should focus on personalisation. By looking at the statistics on brand perception we discussed earlier, it is evident there is a growing demand for personalized packages among consumers.

Since they evaluate both the website they purchase from and the box they get on delivery, offering durable packaging that can be personalized for businesses is indeed a talking point. Personalization will give consumers an opportunity to become a part of the packaging experience.

Personalized packages tend to be more eco-friendly as consumers save and reuse those boxes that have their name printed on them. They sometimes even share such packaging on their social media (think Liscious!) which directly influences the brand’s popularity and sales.

If a brand wants to share its story faster, then personalized packaging is the way!

Selling packaging services online via Web-to-Print Solutions

There is cut-throat competition in the eCommerce industry which means grabbing the consumers’ attention is a never-ending battle for online stores. Since there is a significant emphasis on packaging and putting labels, the print and packaging companies have found themselves in a tight spot.

This is where Web-to-Print technology enters the picture.

When you put up your offerings online, you allow the brand owners to browse through for more packaging variations and sizes. It gives them a more dynamic platform to place an order that perfectly aligns their online branding with packaging requirements.

Since digital packaging is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16% by 2019, Web-to-Print solutions are gradually becoming a crucial part of excellent customer experience.

Imagine if a brand owner could come on your website, choose a packaging, customize and order it without having to liaise with your sales rep on the type of print or packaging material used.

Wouldn’t that be easier? Fortunately, that is possible. Web-to-Print technology makes your workflow more efficient and enables you to process and deliver orders faster.

Over to you

The eCommerce packaging industry is evolving dynamically every year, and 2019 is no exception. With the advent of technology, it is further moving towards personalization, selling on-demand services, and implementing the W2P technology to attract a wider audience.

When it comes to achieving profitability, consumer loyalty and efficiency, it is essential for a packaging company to look beyond day-to-day tactics. To rise and shine, you should develop a strategy that positively addresses your business needs and goals.

If finalizing a W2P service provider is the next task on your to-do list, look no further. Just leave us a comment here or write to us at [email protected] and a member of our staff will reach out to you with a solution best suited to your business requirements.

So, are you ready to take on 2019 head on?

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