Tips for On-boarding customers at your Web-to-Print store

With the changing trend of shopping it is vital that you bring your offline store online. Once you bring your print business online through web2print solution your job is not over, you need to contact your customers and bring them on-board. I know you are about to think how to bring them on-board? This can be a very difficult task and easy too, depending on how you approach it . Well, that’s really simple. Below are few tips I’d like to share so that you can make the most of your web2print storefront.

Create Customer Accounts:

For your existing customers, you can begin with creating customer accounts for few regular & loyal customers on your online store and add their old orders for re-ordering. From here they can take a look at what they purchased in the past and can buy it again from your web-to-print storefront if they want. This would give your customers more convenience coupled with encouragement to start ordering online than following traditional offline methods of ordering prints from you.

Generate Initial Orders:

If you have received some new orders offline and want to make the process of order tracking simple for your customers, what you can do is to add these orders in the storefront directly from admin panel and request them to use their customer accounts for artwork approval and order tracking. This way they can evaluate the benefits of ordering online and can easily check what they just ordered and also track the same.

Offer Discounts/ Incentives:

To bring your customers on-board, another enticing feature can be that you can offer them a certain discount or incentive for joining your online print portal and ordering their products from there. There can be various rules too. You can offer discount on joining and you can offer discount on shopping after joining. To give both or either one is all dependent on you.

Video Guide:

Well, there may be customers who are slow learners, sending them a video guide of how to use the website to order their products or to make change in their designs etc. will be of great help. This will build the trust in the customers that you are there to help and guide them while ordering from your site.

Event/Special Day Offers:

You can build engagement between you and the customer by giving special discount on events like Christmas, Thanks Giving, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day ,New Year etc. or on their Birthday or Anniversaries to make them feel special and keep them loyal to you as a customer.

There are so many ways you can use in your marketing plan to attract your existing and new customers to join your print storefront and most effective ones could be social media marketing and e-mail marketing. Spread your wings with the best print storefront and give your customers the best web2print experience.

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