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Upgrading Premium Marketplace Version to Version 1.1

Design’N’Buy has launched premium marketplace solution in January 2015. The first version of this solution received very positive feedback from our clients and was accepted by customers to expand their printing business. We received suggestions from them on several fronts of the product and we decided to work on its improvements so that it can be implemented in real business scenario. Technical, Design and Engineering teams gathered all suggestions and prepared an outline for the upgrade version 1.1 of marketplace. Today, we announce the release of premium marketplace solution V1.1 with the following major updates:

  • Re-architected the application for new user type as “Store Owner” so that we can offer more control to individual store owners for catalog management and reports. Now, store owner gets Magento admin control panel with lots of freedom to manage and control their individual store affiliated to marketplace store.
  • Controlling commission for store owners at individual product level as fixed or based on % along with global settings
  • Extensive search on marketplace website as search by designer or design name
  • Report abuse on designs by end users
  • Better super admin control on designers and their submitted designs
  • Ability to close designer accounts and stores on request
  • Better marketplace website with sections like top designer, top selling design, testimonials etc.
  • Extensive reports for super admin on designers and affiliated stores
  • Centralized panel for all marketplace notifications for super admin

We have already started implanting the revamped solution for two of our customers and getting them live soon. The new version is endowed with most awaited and demanded features from customers and is now fit for use. This version is suitable for print service providers who have potential plan to offer a centralized marketplace solution to their customers, designs and affiliates.

Nidhi Agarwal
Nidhi Agarwal

Nidhi, a visionary with 10+ year of experience, is profound business acumen and a management capability backed by strong technological background. She plays a strategic role in the company defining the road map for all innovations & her comprehensive problem solving skills have led to many successful online print businesses. Known for her hands-on approach, Nidhi’s leadership style and her journey so far has been commended at many renowned platforms.

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