Variable Data Printing – A Big Plus for your Personalized Marketing Efforts

envelopes remains the same, but the graphics can change.

This printing process has immense marketing possibilities and ensures you can improve your brand’s connect with its target customers, easily. Everybody loves a bit of personalization in the marketing mails they receive, and this is what can be accomplished through variable data printing.

So, why is VDP such a good thing for marketing?

It’s the era of personalization. Your customers aren’t going to like going through a business letter whose exact same replica has been sent to other customers. They want something that has been personalized keeping their interests and preferences in mind, and here we aren’t just talking about their names. The letter must be embellished with graphics or images that are in sync with their particular needs and requirements.

Allow us to explain this with an example. It’s Christmas and you have decided to send your existing customers a Christmas greeting card that also advertises some of your more popular products. Now, if you send the same card that has images of the same products to all your customers, it will leave a diluted impact. But, what if you send cards that have images of products that you know they might like to buy, because they have made similar purchases from your store previously.This does two things:

  • It shows your customers you care about them
  • It also improves chances of customers buying something from your store

Isn’t this a solid marketing strategy? What VDS allows you to do is send out a target marketing message. It helps you tell each of your customers what they want to hear. You create a marketing message that suits their taste. Something that is all about them and nobody else!

A good idea for location based marketing

If you have multiple stores in a city, and are mass mailing your product brochure to customers spread all over that City, you could use VDP to add maps and store images pertinent to the target customer’s location. The reasoning here is very simple. A customer is more likely to visit a store that is in near him, rather than visit a store that takes some time to reach. There is no beating the efficiency of VDP if you have multiple storefronts and want to do a bit of location-based direct marketing.

Direct marketing based on demographic segmentation

Say you are running a travel agency and want to advertise various beach holidays in the summer. You want to print brochures to advertise these holidays and want to send it to as many people as possible. Now here’s the thing. Effective marketing is playing to the target demographics interests, so if you are targeting families, you could have pictures of families having fun on the beach and if you are targeting senior citizens, you could have pictures of older people relaxing on the beach. What you also want to be doing is not send a confusing message. This is why VDP is so beneficial. You could have a brochure that can have different images that appeal to the specific target demographic. The textual content remains the same, but the images play to the emotions of the target demographics. That’s VDP for you, an essential and a very powerful weapon in your marketing strategy.

It’s for everybody

You could be a small business, a huge organization or an individual, VDP is for everybody. The fact that it enables the mass customization of printed materials means you could place big orders and still not burn a hole in your pockets. You could choose to go with a printing services provider that offers this benefit to users, but a better choice would be to make VDP an integral part of your business. You need to hunt for the right VDP solutions, make sure that they are what you need and integrate and implement them in your business.

VDP ensures high ROI

Why do you invest in a marketing strategy? It’s to generate more leads for your business and improve your chances of converting these leads into paying customers. If you want your marketing efforts to deliver really high ROI, it’s important you use VDP. But, it’s important that you get your marketing message right, which in turn ensures that your VDP is a super success.

The idea is to use only the best technology

The world of business was always very competitive and it’s even more so now. You might think that your business and the products and services it is selling, are the best choices available on the market, but you will be wrong. There will be others who will be selling the same products and services you are and claiming to be selling the best products on the market, as well. So, essentially you will be fighting to capture the mindshare of the same customers. As can be imagined, this won’t be easy, but it will be made a whole lot easier if you are able to get a marketing message out, that is personalized to perfection. This is something that is possible with the help of VDP.

This printing technology can be plug with any web-to-print solution even some of the top web-to-print solutions already has already having this technology. This printing technology is something that you shouldn’t miss at all cost. But to make good use of this software you should know everything about the most important stakeholder of your business – your customer. You need customer data or you will end up targeting the wrong customer. This is something that you don’t want to happen. After all the effort that you put into printing customized messages to your target customers, you want them to deliver the results you are looking for. This is why you need to make sure you identify and understand your customers, before using Variable Data Printing.

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