Why We offer All-in-one Product Designer Software?

We think that almost all physical products like all sort of apparels (tshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, kids wear etc.), gift items, fashion accessories like bags, scarf, nail art, home furnishings etc. can be represented with similar 2D surface area for designing artwork for printing.

One may come with one, two more design surfaces though. Some need masking of the hollow parts while others can be fully printed. Whatever is the visual product representation as a 2D image behind the design area, the idea for personalization remains same i.e. a rectangular design area bounded by the maximum size allowed for printing.

Considering the above fact and to reduce our client’s spending on integrating a product personalization feature on his e-commerce store, we have developed all-in-one product designer software that is based on following observations:

  • Today, businesses use techniques like up-selling and cross-selling to boost their sales. So, even if you are into a niche product segment, you may always want to offer add-on products and services to increase value of your customer’s order. Added with that, if you are offering personalized products with artwork designed by end-users, you can beat the sales target for sure. But what if you restrict your customer to personalize the t-shirt only or offering two different design studios to personalize each one. Not impressive? Your customer may get irritated or confused and may leave your site frustrated. That is the reason we are offering All-in-one designer software, so that your customers get the consistent behavior while personalizing any of your product offerings.
  • All most any kind of artwork can be created with same set of design elements i.e. clipart, text and photos/images. Our designer offers all these design elements to end users to prepare personalized, creative and professionally designed artwork for any product of their choice.
  • The UI of our product designer software is designed keeping even novice and amateur designers in mind. Everybody does not like working with Photoshop or Illustrator! No complex panels or UI elements that can scare off amateur designers and prevent them from personalizing the product. Easy to use and clean interface encourages all kind of users to put their creative instinct at play and order something that belongs to them.
  • Keeping one interface for personalizing all sorts of your product offerings encourages customers to return back once they become familiar with your tool. They would love to reuse the tool they have used previously rather than going somewhere else to learn and expertise another tool. That means if they have bought a personalized t-shirt from you, they are sure to come back to get a personalized handkerchief as they get the same personalization experience irrespective of the product they buy.
  • Yes, you must be thinking about output, the final artwork that you need for printing. We have thought of that too while architecting our designer software. We understand that different products require different printing techniques as well as different print-ready file formats. So what? Just tell us what all different printing technique you employ for printing your products and we’ll configure the output file formats based on all such printing techniques for you. Hence your customers enjoy the same design studio experience in front-end while you get product specific print-ready file in desired format at the end for processing the order.

What more? If you need a tailor made while label solution with unique design and features, we are just a call/e-mail away. Since our inception, we are best chosen for custom bespoke design studio and web-to-print development whether it be for products like skateboards, snowboards, wristbands, mouse pads, nails, magnetic boards, sports apparels with 3D design model, motor bikes, trophies and awards and the list is endless.

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