All-in-one Product Designer V1.4 Release Announcement

New Features:

  • New fully responsive theme with lots of new store features and mega menu
  • Responsive theme skins
  • Pricing features for products as group price, tier price, special price etc.

Feature Upgrades:

  • Determine whether product can be personalized or not based on attribute set name instead of attribute set Id, removing static dependency.
  • Separate Magento theme for admin order details module to overcome upgrade issues.
  • In admin panel, for creating design templates, the template builder now opens in new tab instead of new window for better accessibility.
  • Bulk import functionality for printable color, clipart, fonts, design templates
  • Loading a single product at a time within design tool for better performance and minimum loading time.
  • Within design tool, verify Min/Max quantity setting for product while get quote and add-to-cart.
  • Added store code in all URLs for retrieving data for different store views accordingly.
  • Design Tool: Scroll bar in add note module.
  • Design Tool: Clear the previous customization when user selects any design from My Design module.
  • Resolved Magento 1.7 version related bugs like tier pricing issue when select product option, customer cart item issue at admin customer view.

Bugs/Issue Fixes:

  • E-mail confirmation while user account creation from design tool
  • Design idea will adjust automatically to available design area for any product within design tool
  • After user retrieve a saved design, text display was unclear for some of the text shapes. This issue has been resolved now.

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