All work and no play makes Jack a Dull Boy, and we believe the saying at Design’N’Buy

Truly said “All work and no play makes Jack a dull Boy”, well at Design’N’Buy we do not follow the conventional method of working however we try to make the working atmosphere as friendly as possible.

Timely project submission, version release, new product launch, branding and marketing, sales, project management and the list goes on… the competitive era seems to be too much of a pressure in the minds of employees which restricts them from thinking out of the box and delivery the work smartly. At Design’N’Buy we say we are different, we try to find out some time within our working hours to spend for leisure activities which keeps everyone alive and deliver their best efficiently.

The friendly atmosphere allows employees to use the gym area, play table tennis and participate in Yoga to keep their mind cool while in times of work pressure. The soothing music in the premises rejuvenates everyone and motivates them to work.

As we say we are different, the New Year Party organized was one of the biggest surprise for the team by the management. Employees were overwhelmed with the party idea, venue, music, food and enthusiastic crowd that made the party a memorable one and also gave a break to everyone from the regular work schedule. Here is what few of our employees have to say:

“The New Year party was perfectly organized everything was superb… Venue, music, theme, and food everything and I personally enjoyed a lot dancing with everyone.
Thanks for the wonderful party!”

Auralyn Chettiar
Sr. Marketing Executive

“Although I am not a dancer but seeing the party atmosphere I was able to dance after so many years. I enjoyed a lot.”

Milesh Patel
QA Lead

“Such events in the organizations give us the energy as it brings out of our daily routine. I look forward for more such events being organized frequently.”

Shivshankar Borade
QA Engineer

A recently organized event “Spot Light” was also much appreciated by the Team, where everyone enjoyed watching “The Pursuit of Happiness” a truly inspirational movie. Organizing a movie in a working Saturday was a break for everyone to end up the weekend at a positive note. Everyone enjoyed the snacks served during the movie and took some positive learning through the movie.

Here is what a few of our Team members have to say:

“Heartily thanks to our “Business Guru” Mr. Abhishek for the Great Idea of The SPOTLIGHT Event and Special thanks to HR and admin department to execute the idea.
The movie over the weekend gave us the new energy to work with a fresh mind and positive attitude. It feels really great to be part of such an organization where management thinks from employee’s point of view and organize these unique events unlike any other IT companies.
I look forward for more of such events in frequently.”

Drumil Barad
Delivery & Support Executive

“For the event we enjoyed last Saturday, I thank HR Department for organizing the movie which was really good and very inspiring. I appreciate the snacks offered by company as well. I think that this type of event should be executed once or twice in a month.
I really enjoyed the movie. Thanks a lot for it.”

Yash Shah
Software Engineer

“I had already watched “The Pursuit of Happiness” and it was fun watching the movie with the team, the movie shows the struggle of a man and his journey towards achieving his goals.
My learning from the movie: “Every problem has its solution.”

Saurin Shah
SEO Executive

“Thank you for arranging such movie event to energize and motivate us. I watched it for the first time and found it to be very emotional and motivational. I really enjoyed the movie with snacks and looking forward to next movie sessions”

Shrikant Tomar
Support Engineer

The organization believes in motivating the staff to bring out the best in them and help them in their professional growth.

Stay tuned for more upcoming events.

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