How to make your product stand out with CREATIVE PACKAGING!

Creative and customized packaging makes your product stand out from the rest. We are here with a few t-shirt packaging ideas to wow your customers when they receive their shipment.

T-shirt Packaging:

T-shirt packaging is a surprise for those who are expecting a shipment of their online purchase. Online t-shirt business owners have become creative in their approach and always try to surprise their customers by delivering goods to their shoppers in container or the packaging which impresses the customers.

Importance of T-shirt Packaging:

Exclusive t-shirt packaging not only serves the purpose of shipping but it adds brand value and increases the brand identity of your company. Once the t-shirt shipment arrives the customer the first and foremost thing a customer is going to encounter is the packaging, that’s where the first impression makes the last impression of your brand. The type and quality of your packaging determines how promising your brand is and it creates a positive image of your company which can also lead to word of mouth and get you great business in the future.

A few of our fellow t-shirt business owners have been extremely creative while deciding the packaging, pizza shaped boxes to cylindrical boxes, dough nut boxes to VHS boxes, miniatures of brief cases, cone shaped packaging to customized spray painted boxes or designer envelopes being shipped to the customers.

As said “packaging talks about your product”, a great t-shirt package will give your customers to talk about and brag about on social media and share their experience with their friends. This definitely calls for an out of the way approach of a great packaging which forces your customers to come back to your store and place more orders, motivating their friends.

Having said that going for a customized t-shirt packaging is not always a good idea as it ends up with additional cost which you will have to charge from your customers which is again not a good sign of business as customers always expect a complimentary gift along with their purchase. Paying additional for the packaging may not be fine with all the customers, so make sure your company doesn’t charge extra for the packaging. There are some comparatively inexpensive packaging options available in the market which may cost around $1 or $1.5 that justifies your brand and adds value to your t-shirt.

Customers always appreciate the freebies:
• Postcards
• Vouchers
• Giftcards/ Discount coupons
• Candies/ Toys
• Buttons

These can be added along with the t-shirt while packing.

Customizing packaging is always fun which gives a personal feeling to the receiver, a lot of small online t-shirt businesses could use their stickers on the packaging and use spray paints, or stencil images with some personalized quotes also would work well, these kind of packaging are inexpensive.

Leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your customers becomes a must and that can be done only with the help of custom and creative packaging as that is the front face of your brand image. If your company can’t afford to spend on customized boxes, free goodies always leave a mark on the minds of the customers. In the end all you need is turning your one time customer to lifetime customer and spread your brand within their network of friends and family.

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