Design’N’Buy Clientele Facts and Figures

Did you know…?

  • Design’N’Buy have customers in 40+ countries around the world
  • 46% of its total revenue comes from USA customers
  • Its solutions are adopted by customers belonging to 35 different states in USA out of total 50 states
  • 80% of the revenue comes from 4 USA states being the hub of printing service industry

These are some of the facts and figures based on our clientele so far since last 7 years. We thank all our customers and associates to believe in us and adopt our solutions for their businesses. We know it’s just the beginning and we would like our solutions to help printing business across world to enhance their business processes and customer experience for high revenue returns.

Design’N’Buy employs 30+ full time employees. Our headquarters is located in the Ahmedabad, India where the majority of our in-house team is located. Our account managers and support team work in a 24-hour shift schedule working in different time zones in order to cover any urgent needs from our worldwide clientele.

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