Why Printing Industry is a niche Market Segment?

Printing industry has been changing rapidly. The customer focused era driven by the fast paced technological enhancement and the customer needs has changed the way printing process was carried on earlier. Printing now a dayhas transformed however a lot of print business has failed to embrace the digital phase of print business.

Expert’s state printing industry has a transitional growth; however the growth in this particular industry is happening at a different speed. There are agencies in the industry thatare still engulfed with the traditional process whereas there are these other set of print service providers who have embraced technology and change in a positive way and have set a remarkable benchmark for others. With the change in the market trend and the increasing demand from print customers, it is vital to adopt a transitional change in order to stay ahead of the competition and sustain the market.

Investment professionals and print experts have noticed offset presses and monochrome digital printing being traditional and people are adopting color digital printing. This has raised the demand in terms of applications and high customer demand. One cannot afford to compromise print deliverables while operating with the traditional methodology. Hence a digital move can only be a sensible decision to have a successful digital future. However studies reveal that adopting technology and finance are the two factors restricting a lot of print businesses to adopt digital print.

It has been noticed that printing industry always comes up with the new challenge and demands constant innovation. Even the print customers comes up with new and unique ideas of printing which proves that surviving in the printing industry is no less than a tough job, however if right things are implemented at the right time a lot can be accomplished. The right goal, the right target audience, the right strategy, right tool and the right technology makes a good success for the printing industry.

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