One to One Discussion with Web-to-Print Expert on “Print Business Amid Covid19”

The Wait is over! DesignNBuy web-to-print – live with our first podcast episode on printing industry trends. This episode is a discussion with Rajesh Kumar,expert web to print consultant at DesignNBuy. We go head-to-head and discuss the what is going on in the printing industry amid covid 19 situation, what opportunities are coming ahead, and how to differentiate yourself from the market.

You’ll learn

  • How printing industry has evolved over the decades in terms of requirement of digital transformation?
  • The Expert here describes what are the drastic difference observed in the industry after global pandemic?
  • For the print business growth and success, understanding changing demands are vital. Hear what Rajesh Kumar has to say about client demands after Covid
  • What print and merchandise products are the most popular and in trend currently
  • What challenges printers are facing in pandemic and how can they overcome ?
  • How are DesignNBuy team is helping printers to succeed
  • What special support DesignNBuy is providing to clients currently
  • What DNB is offering which No-One else in the market is?

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