Top Printing Exhibitions and Events to Attend in 2024 in USA and Canada

7 Top Printing Exhibitions and Events to Attend in 2024 in USA and Canada

The world of printing is constantly evolving, driven by advancements in technology and ever-shifting consumer demands. For printing professionals and enthusiasts alike, industry expos offer an invaluable opportunity to stay ahead of the curve. These events showcase the latest innovations, foster valuable connections, and provide a platform for learning and growth.

So, are you pumped up and excited to embark on this amazing journey? Buckle up, and let’s explore the world of printing innovation together.

Top printing events in the USA and Canada in 2024

This curated list highlights the top five printing industry expos scheduled for 2024 in the United States and Canada.

1. ISA International Sign Expo - Las Vegas, Nevada

Looking to jazz up your printing game this year? Well, get ready to bubble over with excitement because the ISA International Sign Expo is just around the corner! 

Focus: Sign, Graphics, Print & Visual Communications

Dates: 23rd April – 25th April 2024

Target Audience: Sign makers, graphic designers, printers, and visual communication professionals.

Highlights: Explore a vast array of printing techniques for various substrates, discover cutting-edge wide-format printing solutions, and witness innovative applications like digital signage and vehicle wrapping. Network with industry leaders and discover the latest advancements in LED technology and more.

2. Graphics Pro Expo - Long Beach, CA

Want free training sessions led by industry experts, and learn valuable tips to streamline your production processes and boost your business? You must attend Graphics Pro Expo.

Focus: Graphics, Printing & Personalization

Dates: 13th June – 15th June 2024

Target Audience: Graphics professionals, printers, apparel decorators, and businesses seeking to expand their customization offerings.

Highlights: Explore a comprehensive range of products, from graphics software and finishing accessories to online print shop solutions and equipment for apparel decoration. Take advantage of free training sessions led by industry experts and gain valuable insights into streamlining production processes and expanding your business.

3. Printing United Expo - Las Vegas, NV

Want free training sessions led by industry experts, and learn valuable tips to streamline your production processes and boost your business? You must attend Graphics Pro Expo.

Focus: All Things Printing

Dates: 10th September – 12th September 2024

Target Audience: Printers, designers, and businesses of all sizes that utilize printing services.

Highlights: Experience a comprehensive showcase of printing technologies, from dynamic digital printing to classic offset techniques, and explore cutting-edge solutions in textile and wide-format printing. Network with industry leaders, attend educational sessions, and discover the latest equipment and software to enhance your printing capabilities.

4. Americas Print Show - Cleveland, Ohio

Do you want to experience a premier event showcasing the entire print value chain, from design to finishing? If yes, Americas Print Show is for you.

Focus: All Things Printing

Dates: 8th May – 9th May 2024

Target Audience: Printers, Designers, and Printing Industry Professionals

Highlights: This premier event, typically held every other year, offers a comprehensive look at all aspects of the printing industry. Gain valuable insights from design and prepress stages to finishing and fulfillment techniques. Consider attending the next iteration as a one-stop shop for staying informed on printing advancements.

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5. LabelExpo Americas - Chicago, Illinois

Looking for a expo edicated to label and package printing technologies? LabelExpo Americas offers insights into labeling solutions for various industries.

Focus: Label and Package Printing Technologies

Dates: 10th September – 12th September 2024

Target Audience: Label and packaging printers, designers, and brand owners.

Highlights: This expo offers a deep dive into the latest label and package printing advancements. Explore solutions for various industries, including food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, and logistics.

6. SIGN Expo - Mississauga, Canada

This expo is your one-stop shop for everything signage! Find inspiration, connect with industry professionals, and discover the tools and techniques to elevate your business.

Focus: Signage, Graphics, and Visual Communications

Dates: 19th September – 20th September 2024

Target Audience: Sign makers, graphic designers, and visual communication professionals.

Highlights: Witness cutting-edge printing techniques, explore groundbreaking applications like digital signage, and network with industry leaders. Discover advancements in LED technology and fabrication to elevate your signage creations and push the boundaries of visual communication.

7. InfoFlex - Kansas City, MO

INFOFLEX is the premier event for anyone interested in the versatile and high-quality world of flexographic printing.

Focus: Flexography Printing Technology

Dates: 5th May – 8th May 2024

Target Audience: Printers, prepress operators, and anyone interested in flexographic printing.

Highlights: Explore the newest flexographic printing technologies, materials, and equipment, ensuring you have the tools to deliver exceptional printed results. Network with fellow printers, prepress operators, and industry experts to share knowledge, discuss best practices, and stay ahead of the curve.

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Make the Most of Your Expo Experience

Here are some tips to maximize your time at any printing expo:

  • Plan Ahead: Research exhibitors and seminars to create a personalized itinerary.
  • Bring Business Cards: Network and connect with potential customers.
  • Take Notes: Capture key information about products, vendors, and seminars.
  • Attend Seminars: Learn from industry experts and stay updated on trends.
  • Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask exhibitors about their offerings.
  • Look for Show Specials: Take advantage of exclusive discounts for attendees.
  • Network: Build relationships with other professionals.
  • Follow Up: Connect with people and companies you met after the expo


So, there you have it! Trade shows are the place for anyone in the printing and packaging industry who wants to make a name for themselves in 2024.

Printing expos are a goldmine for anyone in the printing and packaging industry. Gain valuable insights, connect with potential clients and partners, and discover the latest advancements to take your business to the next level. So, mark your calendars, wear comfy shoes, and get ready for an inspiring and informative experience!

*This post has been updated on April 2024.

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