Delivering Convenience with the File Upload Feature

File Upload & Order

Have your clients asked you if they could place online orders by uploading their print-ready files? 

File upload is the most common way of ordering a print. Many people get their artwork from various mediums and just want the printing done. Now your customers can place orders simply by uploading their files (PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, Vector etc.)., viewing the live preview, and completing the checkout process. 

This allows customers to easily place orders without having to navigate through the process of creating orders from scratch. It also allows PSPs to receive orders quickly, and the printing process can begin almost immediately after their order is made.

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How does the File Upload Feature work?

  1. The feature allows buyers to select the product they are interested in from the website.
  2. After that, they will upload their ready artwork.
  3. A live preview is available. Also, you are able to crop, resize, and apply a white border to JPG/JPEG/GIF/PNG/BMP/EPS images.
  4. Click on “add-to-cart”, and provide any instructions if you wish to add them and complete the order. Additionally, buyers can easily modify their order before checkout, ensuring they get what they need.

With the ability to upload files, you can take advantage of many benefits, including

  • No size limit
  • Faster uploading
  • let you upload multiple files in parallel
  • Configure file extensions from the back end and allow customers to upload files with those extensions.
  • Handy editing provided for JPG, PNG and other raster images
  • See preview after upload
  • Works with all eCommerce platforms

Benefits of File Upload feature to the printers:

Streamlined workflow

The file upload feature allows printers to receive print-ready files directly from users, eliminating the chances of errors.

Increased efficiency

With the file upload feature, printers can process orders more efficiently, as they can easily access the files and get started on the printing process.

Improved user experience

With a file upload feature customers can upload their files quickly and easily, reducing the time taken to submit orders. This improved user experience leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved communication

The file upload feature facilitates communication between printers and users, allowing printers to provide feedback and ask questions about the files before printing.

Easy to use

The file upload feature is fast, high-performance, and compatible with all browsers

Wrapping Up

It is most common for web-to-print shop software to allow users to upload ready-to-print artwork and place orders. When placing an order online, buyers will be able to browse any product, select product options, check pricing, and finally upload artwork.

Overall, the file upload feature in web-to-print platforms enhances the user experience by simplifying the ordering process, improving the quality of output, and providing enhanced flexibility and accessibility.

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