Can you imagine Direct Mail Printing Services at your fingertips!

Being in the printing industry has its own charm; it has power to bring imaginations into real world with paper and ink. Printing has been so far the most trusted form of communication as suggested by, which says 56% of customers think printed marketing is the most trustworthy of all communication channels.

Printing also is most compatible with other marketing channels like Digital, Personalized Marketing and Direct Marketing. According to a survey done by Xerox, 87% of printing businesses wants to create a differentiation in their current business and 86% of them want to establish new services.Print service providers can use this compatibility feature to extend their services beyond printing to offer direct mail printing services.

Printers can now offer personalized direct mailing services to individuals and corporate at fingertips with help of automated and integrated web to print solutions, where they can allow/offer pre-designed marketing materials like flyers, postcards, brochures etc. with feature to personalize desired product and configuring bulk mailing lists. Customers can place online order and schedule the campaign date. Printer can then print and even mail direct mails for their customers! The whole process is automated and can be monitored for best ROI.

How Web to Print can help you in providing Direct Mailing Services?

In Print and Ship services printers need to send printed products e.g. marketing brochures, flyers, postcards, greeting cards to desired shipping addresses provided by customers. They need to compile the mailing list and schedule a direct mail campaign for customers at pre-defined dates.

With the help of Web to print you can now provide your individual or corporate customers with a self serving portal where your customers can easily design or personalize pre-decorated templates to create their marketing materials and save it for further use. They can import their targeted audience mailing list in bulk and place an online order with desired launch date for you to print and deliver mails to desired mailing addresses at designated date.

You can also offer pre-designed and customizable EDDM postcards that are specifically designed to meet the size and bundling requirements from the USPS. So customers can just choose from a range of professional designs, personalize with their marketing information and place an order online. The order is then printed and bundled in separate packs as per quantity recommended by USPS and delivered at your door step for final distribution via USPS.

Who uses direct mail or EDDM?

Pizza Shops – As they target neighborhoods very close to their shop, EDDM is perfect marketing strategy perfect so their drivers are delivering more pizza in less time.

Home Services – Target specific neighborhoods with direct mail campaigns and keep the crew working instead of traveling.

Retailers – Advertise sales, grand openings and other special events to the people who are most likely to stop in with effective direct mail campaign. A coupon can help them track the results of mail campaign.

With online direct mail printing services, printers can handle the complete print media distribution for their customers. This helps them in giving distinguished services for their customers and enables them to ask for premium prices for the distribution services.

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