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Sometimes just the retrospection of your customer portfolio is good; they give you real insights and help you in assessing our capabilities. While looking at our clientele, I came across two or three different projects; the solutions that we offered to them have not been mentioned in our core capabilities. But they reflect how far our solutions can go, to fit into industry’s needs.

Product personalization has touched almost everything that we use in day-to-day life such as t-shirts, mugs, caps, hoodies, greeting cardsphoto albumssignagemobile cases, laptop sleeves, pens, photo framesshoes and much more beyond our imagination. Similarly decorators or interior designers also utilize printing services to create new designs, personalize and print them and wall arts or wallpaper printing is also one of its segments.

Generally wall arts or wallpapers are considered wide-format printing. Wall arts or wall papersare used to decorate windows, doors, walls, wall hangings and can be customized based on size, design requirements, colors and purpose of use. Hence while personalized wall art printing can be extended to online customers with web to Print, there are many points one need to consider while employing a good solution for this.

The first and foremost, in wall art printing, finishing comes in lots of variants e.g. matte finish or smooth, high gloss finish and one need to manage the final pricing and vendors for specific jobs accordingly. Apart from printing the job, when finishing and installation (lamination, pressing, mounting, hot-stamping etc.) activities comes into play, offering custom dependent pricing is better than flat pricing based on the options available to end consumers. So go with a solution, which provides you to configure both flat and custom dependent pricing options. With a complete solution for managing pricing and multi-vendor support, it becomes easy for printers to manage orders and process them.

Then wallpapers or wall art can be produced and printed on variety of materials based on their use and durability like on poly-canvas or wall films. So the web to solution should let printers to configure variety of printing materials with relevant pricing so that customers can choose the right material as per their use of wall art.

Managing color options and printing technique is really important when it comes to printing wall arts. Select a web to print solution that will provide you the option of managing available colors and printing methods based on product with price variants. This will eliminate unnecessary time one employs in explaining customers about available printing methods and related pricing.

Now, based on the type and quantity of order, printers also need to offer customized quotes. Without a proper web to print solution, it’s tough to entertain such orders on large scale. Thus, look for a solution that enables you to offer customized quotes for the customers.

As personalization has been in trend for printing, offering option of DIY i.e. do it yourself wall arts for customers is not a bad idea at all. For this, one needs to have a full-fledged design tool loaded with fonts, clipart, texts, design templates, option of uploading photos and images and many more.Generally people love to decorate their walls, windows and doors with photos and pictures hence the most important feature needed in design studio is an advanced image editor to apply interesting effects to photos and crop them in interesting shapes to create an awesome design. Look for such small but powerful features while opting for your solution. With design studio features for customers, printers also need to have certain features like checking image health for printing purpose, notifications for orders, shipping and billing.

While design approval workflow is an important aspect of printing but concentrating on it completely can affect core activities of the business. With option of in-built workflow approval, preflighting and correction really becomes easy.

The potential of scalability is also important in web to print solution. With a long-term vision for your business, pick a solution thatcan support other products, later, and is scalable in terms of both customization and printing.

With all these things in mind, go for a perfect solution to take your wallart printing business online.

Design’N’Buy implemented one such solution successfully for DecoStat. and sister site are owned and operated by EtchArt, LLC of Cocoa, FL.DecoStat is the easy way for people to decorate walls, windows, glass doors, mirrors and more with photo collages and artwork they designed or downloaded from the internet.

They got their website fully functional and we got what we are hungry for – Good words for good work from our clients. Here is what they have to say about us:

“We were searching for an HTML based design studio for one of our websites. We tested them all and the team unanimously selected the Design’N’Buy system for our site. In addition to having lots of design features, it is responsive and intuitive for users. The Design’N’Buy design studio is very versatile, it is great for a business that wants to let customers design their own apparel and textile products, mugs and glasses, cell phone, tablet, laptop skins and cases, printed products such as photo calendars/books, business cards, letterhead, flyers, signs and more, and specialty products for niche markets.

We selected Design’N’Buy based on the sophistication and usability of their design studio. We have been equally impressed and happy with their customer support. They quickly and professionally resolved the issues that are a part of every website’s development. The custom work we wanted was done well and at a fair price. We have been so satisfied, we are already working on our second Design’N’Buy design studio driven site for a different niche market. I have no hesitation recommending the Design’N’Buy solution.”

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