Design’N’BUY introduce Variable Data Printing in ALL-IN-ONE DESIGNER

Design‘N’Buy, an exclusive source for Web to Print Software Solutions, announces the launch of VARIABLE DATA PRINTING WORKFLOW in its flagship product ALL-IN-ONE DESIGNER that serves as “one–size-fit-all” web to print solution for any printer or print service provider. Variable data printing workflow automates and adds capabilities for the production of personalized printing based on a fixed design template and variable database that will motivate recipients to respond and produce end-to-end communication with print specifiers. Design‘N’Buy VDP plug-in’s user centricity and streamlined process will save both time as well as money for printing businesses. VDP will also help print service providers to open up new sources of revenues such as data mining, database publishing to transactional and non transactional collaterals printing. About Variable Data printing Variable data printing also known as Variable-Information Printing (VIP) is a form of digital printing, in which elements such as text, graphics and images can be changed from one printed piece to next, without stopping and slowing down the printing process and using information from the database or external file.

This ideal tool eliminates the need of massive runs of print machine which makes it economical and allows you to create document templates and pump them up with relevant Messages, Images, Graphics and Full colour Digital Print that can be used for truly individualized or customized pieces. These are some of lucrative benefits which are enough reasons for any printer to invest in this technology.

“Our Variable data printing plug-in meets the extremely demanding need of every printer or their customers due to its ability to produce highly personalised content and ease of use which will escalate the respond rate and respond time from end consumers. With its easy to use interface, both printers and their customers will witness the benefits in short time. This will surely add value to our customers endowment and consistency of their printing business” says Nidhi Agrawal, CEO of Design‘N’Buy. Design‘N’Buy team would me happy to discuss or demonstrate you how Variable data printing can benefit your Printing business in your domain (Product category) by trimming down the cost and Document Template turnaround time profitably. With this technology driven solution Design ‘N’ Buy is furnishing printers with an ability to distinguish themselves from the competitors.

About Design‘N’Buy Design ‘N’ Buy has years of expertise in designing and delivering turnkey as well as tailor-made Web-to-Print solutions. Its flagship products like All-in-one Designer, PrintCommerce and Premium Marketplace Solution (aka TPS) fetch good returns to customers and help them to remain ahead of competition with technology advantage. These solutions can easily be integrated with customer’s existing workflow resulting in increased sales without huge additional cost. Design‘N’Buy also ensures best-in-class delivery and after sales support. For more information visit:

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