Growth accelerators for the global Web-to-Print market worth $869 million by 2017

According to the “Web-to-Print: A Global Strategic Business Report”, a research conducted by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. the global web-to-print market will reach $869 million by 2017. Despite the fact that global economic meltdown has negatively affected the global software market growth, segments like retail, web to print and variable data printing have managed to show significant growth and prospects in the tough market conditions.


We have tried to figure out key accelerators or factors that supported the growth of web2print software industry, and here is a summary:

    • Printers, whether small or big players now need tools and applications to expand their business operations, reduce costs and enhance customer relationships. Web to print applications offer all features and tools to accomplish these objectives.
    • The advancement in digital printing technology has enabled printers to overcome artwork guidelines and printing complexities thus playing the role of key growth accelerators.
    • The exponential increase in tech and web savvy customers all around the world, and their preference to place online orders has contributed to increased customer reach and thus coming up as major growth factor for web2print business.
    • Availability of numerous ready to go live web to print solutions of small, medium and large scales and easy implementation has encouraged printers to adopt this technology to enhance their business with minimum investment of time and money.
    • With increase of smartphone mobile users, the young printing customers are willing to find printers who offer online artwork personalization and ordering. This factor has motivated printers to establish online print shops and cater to growing online customer base.
    • As web to print solutions automates many manual workflows and handles print nuances by directly letting customer do the artwork design or upload print ready files that can be directly queued up for next printing job, any print business can easily adopt such solutions without needing a print manager or in-house expert.
    • Easy integration with printing process and machinery has made web to print the most favorable investment among printers and print service providers for the growth of their business.

As expected, the research showed that the US and Europe dominate the global web-to-print market, with Netherlands and other Scandinavian nations, along with Austria, Belgium, and Austria leading the adoption in Europe. Western Europe offers significant growth opportunities, thanks to the early adoption of web-to-print technology. Main factors driving Print Service Providers to adopt web-to-print solutions is the increasing need to cut costs while increasing productivity in order to stay ahead of the competition. In Western Europe, big companies are at the forefront of the transition towards web-to-print solutions. Digital print specialists, pre-press service bureaus, marketing communication services, and commercial printers have a higher adoption rate as compared to smaller companies.

The main objective of web to print software is on improving operational efficiency or reducing overall costs. Companies are now eager to setup several low-cost highly efficient projects, for instance, business card portals, greeting card stores and large printing marketplaces. Retail, fashion, manufacturing, financial and education are the most popular verticals generating demand for web-to-print solutions.

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