How to Leverage the Potential of the ‘Design your own T-shirt’ Revolution?

The ‘personalization’ revolution in the consumer space has arrived. Look around you. The days of one-size-fits all products have not disappeared but they are slowly coming to an end. It’s not just the high-end consumers who are looking for products that have been customized to suit their intrinsic needs and requirements; every customer now wants a personalized product.

‘Design your Own T-Shirt’ Revolution

Nowhere is this personalization more evident than the T-shirt industry. More and more people have started wearing T-shirts that they have personalized to satisfy their own creative pursuits or to express something to the world at large.

It could be an opinion, ‘I hate hypocrites”, support for a particular team, ‘I love Manchester United’, or an imaginative artwork depicting their innermost thoughts.

The fact is most people are looking for avenues to be creative, yes, even those who say they aren’t very imaginative. Given an opportunity they will love to create a design and print it on their T-shirt; they can then wear this T-shirt with due pride knowing they have created the design displayed on the T-shirt.

More than the fabric, more than the cut and the look and feel of the T-shirts, people are paying attention to what the T-shirt is saying. There was a time in the not too distant past that people did not really care what their T-shirts said or the images on their T-shirts. Well, things have changed and they care now.

And here’s the surprising fact. It’s not just the younger generation that is concerned about their T-shirt design, even middle aged men and women, and seniors are taking a close hard look at the design of their T-shirts and picking and choosing something that they believe is in sync with their views about life in general or how they see the world.

While this revolution is good news for people wearing T-shirts, it is also good news for the apparel industry. They can leverage the immense potential of this revolution for business benefits. After all, in every revolution, there is always a section of people who earn a lot of money because of the revolution.

In this case, online T-shirt stores can monetize the increasing tendency of people to personalize the design of their T-shirts; and that too without putting a lot of pressure on their overheads.

How? The answer lies in technology; the kind of technology that is a potent blend of the web and advanced software.

Leveraging the Business Potential of the T-Shirt Revolution

So how do you go about making money from this revolution? While this is a blunt question, it is apt for business selling T-shirt, isn’t it? Why beat around the bush? The best businesses try and monetize each and every opportunity at their doorsteps.

You know there are people out there looking to get their hands on personalized T-shirts, so all you need to do is give them what they want.

No, this does not require a substantial investment from your side; on the contrary you can empower your online T-shirt retailing business with web to print solutions that can help you offer personalized T-shirts to your customers.

Implementing online T-shirt design software in your online store will help you satisfy the needs of people who want to customize the design of the T-shirts they are planning to buy. And with this software, you as the retailer are completely out of the picture. The customer is in charge of designing the T-shirt as he/she thinks fit. All you need to do, is process their order.

As a store owner your job is to upload the T-shirt choices that prospective customers can pick from and designate a specific area which can be personalized. Customers can personalize this area with the use of visual editor.

But what if the customer is not of a creative bent of mind and is unable to visualize his/her imagination within the framework offered by the online design tool? Good question, not everybody has a hidden artist them. So, the best thing for you to do will be to pick T-shirt design software that offers a huge collection of pre-designed artwork templates that customers can choose from and modify to suit their interests and preferences.

It’s important to remember that the whole process of integrating such software with your existing online store will only work if the software can be used by people who aren’t very technically inclined. It needs to offer clean, easy to use interface that allows them to design a great looking T-shirt quickly; at the same time, they must be able to enjoy the whole process of creating a design for their T-shirt. It mustn’t be long winded and boring.

A word of caution – You need a Good Printing System

The final artwork file needs to be printed on the T-shirt chosen by the customers. Irrespective of the printing techniques you are using to print this artwork on the T-shirt, your printers need to be really very good. What customers will be looking for is their high resolution artwork to render effective on the T-shirts. They want it to look as good as it looked on their computer screens whey they designed the artwork. The key here is to make sure you focus on getting out quality printed products; the idea is to make sure your customers are completely satisfied with the products and services you are offering. This is the only way you can leverage the potential of the T-shirt revolution.


Businesses need to continuously explore new ways of achieving business growth. This is the only way they can survive in a competitive market. Apparel is a huge market and it is also a very competitive market. But you can rise above your competition and at times punch above your weight with the use of T-shirt design tools. What customers are looking for is something different from a merchant, a benefit they don’t get anywhere else. An online T-shirt design tool can help set you apart from the rest.

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