Launching Latest Version of All-In-One-Designer: AIOD V3.3.3

Design’N’Buy team is launching the new version for All-in-one Designer, Version 3.3.3.

The release includes nearly 50 features, most of which are enhancements to existing functionalities with some new features to improve the print ordering user experience.

The key highlights of the latest release are:

Extra Wide Format Support:

For products like banners, wallpapers and signs, wide format printers can now get output file for printing in feet and meters.

SEO Friendly Design Template URL

Now assign a URL KEY to each template and when user personalize any template, the design studio will open with the SEO friendly that can be directly crawled by Google. This will definitely increase the direct visibility of templates in Google leading to more targeted visitors and print orders on the website.

seo friendly url image

Image Editing

Now zoom, move and resize image within the photo box instantly without needing image editor.

Text Editing

Control for increasing and decreasing space between characters.

Product Page Layout Options

Added a new product detail page layout. You can now choose between 2 UI options for customers based on the product type.

Landing page layouts

Support for 1-color and 4-color process

Configure the settings at product level.

1 & 4 color process image

Customer Group Based Products

Now, assign products to customer groups to control access to certain products to a designated group of customers based on their business engagement. For example, now create a pool of products for your B2B customers and assign exclusive access to them on log-in.

Custom Options for Merchandise Products

Now configure options other than color and size for personalized and stock merchandise and configure the price accordingly.

designer studio


There are many more such features improvements and enhancements in this release. Contact your sales representative to get a detailed demo of new features and upgrade.

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