Magento Imagine conference to hit on April 8 2013

Magento’s yearly Imagine conference is set to return in the month of April 2013 and it is so that it is going to wrap all matters related to Magento. This year same venue and the event is being organized at Las Vegas beautiful and deluxe location of the M Resort and this three day conference will start April 8th 2013.

Last conference which held on 2012 and was really very much informative and many good points were raised from seminars and speakers. Many other Magento customer and developers came together and shared their views and apart from business fun too took centre stage. This year 2013 from April 8 to 10, will be repeat of the same and will get much better reception.

It is known fact that in the year 2012 Magento declared major new releases of Community and Enterprise and may be 2013 will be for Magento 2, just wait for the conference and we all will get answer.

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