Much awaited All-in-One Designer Version 2.5 is out with focus on mobile users with Quick Edit feature

All-in-One Designer has been further enriched after setting up workflow and MIS features in its previous version. This flagship product has more than 100 installations till date and very well received by our customers and end-users alike. Keeping in mind, the current trend in online print ordering and increase in number mobile users who wants to order printing products online, this new version focuses on giving better user experience to mobile users for product personalization with other significant improvements for easy store administration.

Believing that loading full design studio in limited size mobile devices is critical and does not lead to great user experience for personalization, we extended the “Quick Edit” feature for all types of products which was earlier restricted to only printing products. Now if its personalized merchandize, photo products or printing products, offer quick personalization with inline text editing and image uploads without need of loading full design studio. Thus mobile users can browse product, check product details and personalize it then and there with live preview to place order leaving a great user experience.

AIOD version 2.5 will also be very helpful for photo album printers and notebook or scrapbook printers with some extended features like advanced image editor, direct image uploads and page layouts.  Now admin can create professional page layouts for photo books and other similar products with exclusive background image, unique placements of text, images and clipart and assign them to multiple products for designated pages, thus offering multiple choices to users to create stunning photo books in minutes. While personalizing a product within design studio, for selected page, end users can access assigned page layouts and apply any one of those to selected page for further personalization.

Apart from this, image upload process has been simplified for good user experience with new features like applying fancy border around images with available border options.

The major highlights of version 2.5 are:

  • Enhanced clipart library with new clipart.
  • Enhanced font library with more bold/italics fonts.
  • New professional design ideas.
  • Optimized product details page for mobile compatibility and mobile responsive layout.
  • Enabling “Quick Edit” option for merchandize products also.Quick Edit: This feature was introduced in Version 2.4 for canvas products only to support mobile users to customize designated products with the help of a much optimized quick editor on product details page itself that displays all marked editable text fields in product design template for editing without needing to load full design studio. This feature has received huge support and appreciation from customers and hence we have enhanced and upgraded it with lots of useful features as:
  • Replaced “Quick Edit” settings for printing products with “Personalize Options” -> Quick Edit Only, Quick Edit with Full Designer, Full Designer Only, Multiple Design Templates. Now admin can define product personalization settings for each product based on its nature by controlling if he want to allow quick editing on product details page only or wants to enable users to load full designer for detailed artwork customization.
  • In quick editor, for text editing, added font size control as fixed values drop-down.
  • Enabling users to upload images for defined image holders with ability to zoom-in/out images and move them within image holder for correct placement.
  • Create and manage unique page layouts that can be assigned to designated pages for multiple products. While personalizing a product using design studio, for selected page, user can check available page layout options and apply any one of those for perfect page editing.
  • Image upload process has been changed for good user experience – user can click the image container to directly upload image without accessing image gallery, or can choose to open image gallery from where he can either choose any image to load or import further images for use. We have also disintegrated image gallery and image editing panels for easy user experience.
  • Get quote feature has been extended so that admin can enable/disable get quote feature for each product. Once get quote is enabled, also control to allow or abandon add to cart feature and pricing display using “Enable Add to Cart” option. This way admin can create stock products as well personalized products for quotation only without live pricing and direct purchasing option.   Also, added feature where user can create a personalized design and place request for quote. The quote request is sent to admin with PDF proof of artwork created by user for estimation and quotation.
  • Now even end users can specify CMYK color codes in color picker for any object editing in addition to RGB color codes.
  • Centralizing line display for design reference in design studio depending on position of elements for perfect object placement.
  • Applying fancy border to image – users can choose from different styles of border and apply one around chosen image.
  • For corporate users, now allowing them to place order using standard payment methods if their allowed credit or debit is out of limit.
  • Admin can now check complete order history for any corporate account from user management panel.
  • Updated help section in design studio as per latest changes.

That’s not all as there are other feature improvements, bug fixes and performance optimizations as well. So check out this new exciting version soon and adopt this flexible web to print solution to generate more revenues for your online printing business.

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