DesignO 2.0 is Now Compatible with Magento: Enhanced Product Configuration and Pricing Flexibility

designo compatibility with magento print shop

We are excited to announce the release of DesignO, now fully compatible with Magento store! 🎉

This transformative update addresses the major challenges faced by Magento print shops in configuring product options and pricing on Magento, breaking down the barriers imposed by the platform’s rigidness. With DesignO 2.0, you can now enjoy unmatched flexibility and control, enhancing your e-commerce capabilities and optimizing your business operations.

Overcoming Magento's Rigidness with DesignO 2.0

Many print and packaging businesses struggle with the limitations of e-commerce platforms like Magento when it comes to setting up custom product options and pricing. DesignO 2.0 eliminates these hurdles by providing powerful features that simplify product configuration and pricing, making it easier than ever to meet customer needs and streamline workflows.

Here’s What’s New and Improved:Key Features of DesignO 2.0 For Magento Store

In this release, we’ve made some key improvements and fixes to enhance your experience.

Effortless Product Configuration

DesignO 2.0 introduces a comprehensive product configuration module that allows you to define quantity, size options, and custom product attributes seamlessly. This module includes functionalities such as:

  • Quantity Selection: Define minimum, maximum, and default quantities, or set fixed quantity options.
  • Size Selection: Configure custom size inputs or fixed size selections to meet diverse product requirements.
  • Custom Options: Add dropdown menus, checkboxes, text boxes, image dropdowns, and swatches to product detail pages.

You can check out the demo for a more detailed overview of the features. Live Demo

Robust Pricing Configuration

pricing flexibility with magento print shop

Pricing configuration in DesignO 2.0 is intuitive and versatile, catering to the complex needs of print shops:

  • Base Price Setup: Define the base price of a product based on quantity, with options for same price for any quantity, different prices for different quantities, or tier-based pricing.
  • Custom Options Pricing: Set pricing for custom product options in a structured manner.
  • Size-Based Pricing: Configure different prices based on product sizes, allowing for granular control over pricing.

You can check out the demo for a more detailed overview of the features. Live Demo

Addressing Common Print Shop Challenges

Streamlined Order Creation

DesignO 2.0 introduces an easy “Create Order” feature for Admin users, enabling them to generate orders directly from the backend. This is perfect for handling offline inquiries and ensures all orders are efficiently managed within the system.

Advanced Quotation Management

The new Quotation module offers a centralized hub for creating, tracking, and managing quotes. Customers can request quotes from their “My Account” section, while Admin users can view, edit, approve, or reject quotes, facilitating smoother transactions.

Improved Order Management

Admin users can now export order details in CSV format, making data transfer seamless and backups simpler. This ensures data integrity and provides valuable insights for better business decisions.

Efficient Product Cloning

The “Product Clone” feature allows Admin users to duplicate existing products and make minor modifications, saving time and effort in creating similar products.

Enhanced Communication

The updated message module features a clearer layout and enhanced date display, ensuring concise and effective communication with customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

You can check out the demo for a more detailed overview of the features. Live Demo

Enabling Success with Open Source Technologies

DesignO 2.0 is built on open source technologies, providing unmatched flexibility and control for businesses. This approach empowers users to customize and extend the platform to meet their unique needs, fostering innovation and ensuring long-term success.

Why Magento Print Shops Will Love DesignO 2.0

For Magento print shops, DesignO 2.0 offers flexibility and efficiency. The platform’s powerful configurability and pricing tools enable businesses to handle diverse product options and pricing scenarios effortlessly. With features like order creation and quotation management directly within the platform, print shops can streamline operations and provide a superior customer experience.

A Message from Our Founder

DesignO 2.0 represents a monumental leap forward in web to print technology. By overcoming the rigid constraints of traditional e-commerce platforms like Magento, we are empowering print shops to configure products and pricing with ease and flexibility. Our commitment to innovation, driven by open-source technologies, ensures that our clients can stay ahead in the competitive print market. With DesignO 2.0, we are not just offering a product; we are providing a solution that will redefine how businesses operate and succeed in the digital age.

Explore the Future of Online Printing

Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage the power of DesignO 2.0 for your Magento store. For more details and to see these features in action, check the release note document or contact our web to print experts.

With DesignO 2.0, we’re not just launching a new platform; we’re opening a new chapter for the web to print success.

Explore the future of online printing with DesignO 2.0!

How to Get started

Play Video about install designo magento plugin and start your 14 day trial
  1. Install Extension: Get DesignO from Magento Marketplace and set it up.

  2. Populate Products: Add your products on DesignO by entering their SKUs for customization.

  3. Customize Button: The “Customize” button appears on every product page, allowing customers to design and purchase instantly.

Why Choose Design’N’Buy:

Benefit from regular updates by a skilled team of developers aimed at enhancing the plugin. Plus, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you in setting up and customizing your ideal store, utilizing all available features and hooks.

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