No Reply From Us? Don’t Worry, Read This!

First of all we are sorry for not getting back to you on time.

We understand the worst feeling: Not getting a reply back from someone you really want to talk to.

You must be wondering if we are working or not when you do not get any reply from our side after you have e-mailed us, called us, submitted an online inquiry or e-mailed any of our sales guys.

Don’t worry, we are here and working diligently to respond to all our clients and prospects. But you might not get a response in following scenarios and suggesting how to reach us in each case:

  • If it’s the first time you have e-mailed us directly and your e-mail is not reaching us as our mail server has marked it as spam and not delivered to our inbox, in this case you can go to our website and fill-up one of the forms as that will surely reach us.
  • If you have submitted an online inquiry from our website but received no response, in this case we must have replied to you via e-mail but our e-mails are not reaching you as they are marked as spam or junk by your e-mail server. Please do check your junk or spam folder for any response from our side and do approve our domain as trusted one to get regular responses in your inbox.
  • You have e-mailed us to an incorrect e-mail id, in this case you can go to our website and fill-up one of the forms or resend your e-mail on correct e-mail id.
  • You have e-mailed to one of our team member who is no more a part of our team and his e-mails are not reaching us, in this case we recommend you to contact on [email protected] or post your query on our support portal.
  • You have called our contact number, but due to time zone differences we are off working hours, in such case leave us a voice message with your name and contact number and we’ll surely get back to you once we attend office very next business day.
  • You have contacted on our live chat and not getting any response, this may be due to the fact that live chat is on with someone else and there is no one available to take your ping. In such case, we request you to wait for few minutes until you get response, or you can try to contact back after few minutes.

We are trying at our best to be as much approachable to you as possible by improving on our means of communication and correspondence and hope that you get due response with shortest response time. But we request you to be patient and cooperate with us in case our response is delayed as we love to be contacted and to talk to people about how we can make their life better by offering our products and services and. Believe it or not, but you are the reason we are working everyday and striving hard to offer best of our services!

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