Scaring up sales, Customizing Halloween Costumes expected to Boom this Fall!

It’s costume season! Halloween is approaching and everyone must be wondering of being dressed in best of their costumes. A lot of stores have come up with the same stuff allover and walking through these spooky stores has disappointed the customers by looking at stuff which lacks individuality. With years passing by the same products are being sold so far with no newness and creativity.

Well it’s high time for store owners that they offer customization of Halloween products and merchandizes. There is a substantial growth in the number of shoppers who look for something unique and creative that makes them stand out at Halloween parties hence they are always in a lookout for the best of Halloween costumes which they can customize with their own art work.

A leading media in the U.S. revealed some interesting statistics about Halloween 2014 which says “shoppers will spend $2.8 billion on costumes, including $1.1 billion for children’s costumes, $1.4 billion for adult costumes, and $350 million on costumes for pets“. No doubt a lot of expenditure made on costumes will have some or the other connections on digital realm. A study by experts at National Retailer Federation predicts that “almost 34 percent of shoppers will take assistance of a search engine to find an inspiration whereas every one -in- five individual will make an online purchase“.

This opens up a huge platform for the web to print industry and leverage the technology for people to customize their own Halloween costumes this season. Installing a web to print solution to their existing web store will allow customers to bring out their creativity for designing Halloween arts and costumes.

At the fastest growing consumer holiday, it’s a time when retailers start preparing their stores and websites expecting a busy fall shopping. These signals towards a huge opportunity for store owners who want to increase their sales this season.

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