We are the reason behind Indian web to print eCommerce success

We are sure you have heard of almamaterstore.in, India’s best online eCommerce portal that offers product personalization. It is one of our best works we have done for printing companies in India. Story does not end here, but starts. There are several other web to print implementations done by our team for India Inc. Here is a glimpse of work done by our team for taking Indian printing industry on the web and mobile and paving the way for its future growth.


Alma Mater is an online brand for customized merchandise and alumni memorabilia for schools, colleges and companies. The core products which Alma Mater specializes in are t-shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, bulk custom printed t-shirts, hoodies and personalized gifts.

The USP of their website is live play tool for social tee networking, which has some unique and remarkable features like signature tool, group designing, team orders with name/number and much more.

The whole website is based on multi-store setup with exclusive store for each college/school registered with unique product catalog and pricing and integrated play tool for product personalization.

We are sure that the website has given new sales and business highs to the team and we look forward to strengthen their application for future mobile user generation.


Evermore Stores is an online creative platform for customised products. The white labelled design studio allows customers to design own clothes, choose images, punch lines or symbols to make their own statement & share their stuff on social media.

Highly interactive, very user friendly and unique layout makes users love the design studio at first sight and they can’t leave without putting their creativity on cloths they would love to wear.


Today, Custprint has established its own manufacturing base of operations in Delhi providing digital printing solutions for all garment variations. Venturing with multi-national corporations and export houses, some of the clients they have been successfully catering to, span across Europe and America, including but not limited to, Jockey, Gap, Puma, Lacoste, Indian Premier League, Fila and many more.

For venturing into garment printing and digital printing solutions, they conceptualized the “Create It” tool and decided to base it on our first flagship product ALL-IN-ONE PRODUCT DESIGNER. The create it tool allows customers to personalize a huge range of products and order it online.

We wish CustPrint a huge success and look forward to take them to newer heights with expansion of web to print in India.

The list does not end here. We are working with other major players in Indian printing industry to get them online and implement web to print workflow to automate their business processes, reduce turnaround time and increase in-house staff efficiency and ensure exponential growth in sales and revenues.

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