Web to Print in B2B and B2C Scenario

A web to print solution can be established in any of the most popular business scenarios (B2B and B2C) to generate intended benefits.

B2B deals primarily with other businesses, not the general public. They are private, customer-specific websites tailored to that customer’s needs. On the other hand B2C provide products and services directly to the end user.

Here is how web to print solutions work in these two different scenarios :

Business to Business (B2B)

In this business scenario, printers provide their business/corporate customers with a direct channel for ordering print and repeat-ordering with pre-defined and agreed prices. A web to print solution can certainly provide them an online system to centralize print ordering, manage stock and manage approval processes. Print personalization in this case could be limited to with brand guidelines and may not require payment service provision.

A B2B web to print deployment can have multiple storefronts to serve many businesses with different catalogs and user groups. It typically requires a user name and password to gain access to a unique catalog of products.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Direct business to consumer web to print solutions are generally e-commerce systems with payment service provision and provide more personalization capabilities. They are generally public and offer direct access to pricing and products without requiring log-in.

In both scenarios, web to print solution can be adopted as a product license or on a subscription basis under SaaS model.

In product licensing model, you buy the product license and host it within your organization on your own server. This is a onetime investment and you get all freedom to configure the system and brand it as per your requirements. And you can restrict it for your internal usage or make available to intended users over extranet.

While the software product as a service (SaaS) model gives you an opportunity to keep your costs low by choosing minimal subscription plan (monthly/yearly). As well as you get a hosted solution that is pre-configured and branded for your own use without the hassle of maintaining a server. Upgrades and issue/bug fixing is easy as once the product is upgraded on main server, it’s reflected in your store immediately.

At Design’n’Buy, our flexible delivery models and pricing structures allows any size of business or organization to get the power of web to print with our proven and successful web to print solutions.

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