Winning Philosophy for Customer Support: Customer First

Design’N’Buy has always been standing out of competition and favored by industry because of its impeccable support. What helped us in achieving these is our “Customer First” approach. We believe that buying a software solution is just the starting point, what helps our customers to meet their business objectives is when they fully understand and learn how to use the solution to automate their business processes and reduce internal costs as well as increasing productivity thus getting full ROI. And to meet this objective we ensure honest, caring support. We just not only listen to customer queries and complaints, but try to look beyond and see the reason for it and offer assistance to enable him work as much independently as he can with help of self learners and tutorials.

So we believe that our job does not end when a sale is made, but it starts then and there and never ends until customers are utilizing full potential of our solutions to automate their business processes and achieving greater business avenues with increased sales and reduced costs.

For assuring 100% customer satisfaction, we believe in:

Our support process goes through a mature cycle unless client is self sufficient to use the solution independently:

Our current report card is a testimony of our pledge to offer responsive support:

Our records speak about our performance so far and may not be at par industry standards, but we are committed to enhance our support and services in response to the love and response we are getting from our customers. Striving to be better and better with each passing day!

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