Turn Your One-Time-Only Customer To Lifetime Fans: Tips From Experts

It is not an easy task to create an impression on your customers to be loyal to you and visit your store for any next purchase. Since holiday season has already arrived, it brings opportunity for web store owners to turn their first time customers into a life time business.

There has always been a question of making special efforts in engaging the clients during the holiday season and maximizing sales. However customers whom you satisfy during the holiday season have great chances of coming back again to your web store even for the next purchase. “Nearly 52 percent of business owner claims that new customers attained in the holiday season have become lifetime fans to the online stores”. Even interesting study by Google reveals that during the holiday season half of the customers want to try out something new and even experiment their purchasing tastes and make their holiday shopping through a new online portal rather than the one they are already using.

A time of the season when we think of taking a break from our routine, online retailers get busy deciding the digital marketing strategies and turning their holiday shoppers to repeat customers. While most of the companies look at this as an opportunity to earn more business and a lot of these can be achieved through offers, experts share these easy processes to attract and engage your one time customers to visit your store frequently and turn them to loyal fans.

1. Define your strategy before they visit your store

Online reviews and ratings make a lot of difference in creating a brand’s impression as it sounds more genuine. Be sure to create a base of the positive response on social media where a lot of customers are searching for the realistic reviews on the product as well as your portal. Make sure that the email campaigns are designed to be responsive and mobile friendly which increases the chances of catering to prospective customers who operate through phones.

2. Engage your prospective customers

Once the customer has visited your store, make efforts to engage them both offline and online.

    • Offer them to share your online portal and products to their friends and earn rewards in terms of discounts
    • Encourage them to register on your portal so that you can send them new offers and e-mailers
    • Allow then create their wish list as well save their cart
    • Share testimonials of happy customers

3. Offer product personalization options

Product personalization is a boom; people want to give a personalized touch to the gifts they give. Designing and ordering personalized products e.g. apparels, mugs, caps, bags, wallets, mobile covers etc. can be the key factor in long lasting customer engagement. Integrate a web-to-print solution to your web store and attract customers to order for customized merchandize and gifts.

4. Customer complaints can lead to a new business

Customer complaints are not always to show you down instead it reflects their expectations from the purchase they have made from you. Hence constant feedback and customer complains help you enhance your conventional process and meet the demand of the customers.Turning your back and putting the blame back on the customer is not a solution instead take it as an opportunity and offer them a complimentary gift to make them happy which will surely attract them to come back to your site.

5. Let them not forget you

Keep your brand name buzz around – in the e-mail, Facebook, mobile messages, newsletters etc. But make sure not to bug the customers with too many mailers and newsletter which may force them to unsubscribe you from the mailing list, or mark you as spam. Strategically plan the buzz so that the offers running on your business also stands a value.

Take advantage of the opportunity this season offers you by earning loyal audience, stay ahead of the competition and let your business grow with new clients.

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