Top Online Business Challenges for Printers in Europe and How Web-to-Print Can Be a Solution – Part 2

We have already seen a few of the challenges faced by print service providers in Part 1 of this two series article. We covered the challenges of Multiple currencies, languages, payment gateways, and logistics partner and how web to print technology helps in solving these challenges.

In this post we are exploring few more challenges associated with expansion of print businesses in Europe and how online print technology provide answers to these challenges. Let’s get started –

Challenge #5: Design Templates and Translation


As we have discussed before, Europe has countries that speak different languages. As a print service provider, it is really challenging for printers to provide multiple language variation of same design. Web to print technology help printers by designing and storing templates in print commerce solution. With Web to print technology, printers can also provide the option of “Design It Yourself” to personalize designs, languages, and can place orders directly to process the printing job and ship order.

With Online print shop, printers can overcome this challenge of designing templates and doing translation that can lead to mistakes. Instead offering “Personalization & Print” increases the brand engagement leading to the next level of self-service personalized merchandise ordering.

Challenge #6: eCommerce Tax Compliance

Just like any other business, print service providers have to keep up with tax regulations and other compliance related activities. Tax compliance can be the most crucial challenge for expanding business in the European market.

With more than 50 countries in single region, Value Added Tax (VAT) changes from one country to another. Print businesses must consider a host factors for accounting and taxation purpose in calculating VAT and other taxes.

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VAT and pricing structure work differently for different countries. For example, in Europe VAT is to be included in the prices shown to customers. This requires printers to understand and automate taxation and pricing for charging different prices in different countries across Europe. Doing it manually or using some third-party plugin can pose challenges around verification every time and doing it in real-time for customers to get the real-time pricing of the product.

Advanced web to print portals are built considering this complex requirement of taxation and pricing. Print businesses can configure them onetime with help of tax consultant and there’s no need of going forth and back with taxation.

Challenge #7: Live Print Estimation in Each Currency


With different currencies in a single region, it can be a tough challenge to figure out real-time pricing and live estimation. Printers can go for third-party plugins, but data security and updates can pose a challenge in terms of security.

Web to print solutions have this feature of estimating prices in real-time for live estimation of total order amount. This help printers to provide enhanced experience to their customers and expanding their brand presence.


These are more challenges for printing service providers for expanding their businesses in Europe. While these challenges can be overwhelming for businesses, web to print solutions provider answers to these challenges. Printers need to choose right web to print solution and implementation partner to ease the expansion in European markets.

Tell your challenges related to print businesses and we can present a relevant solution for you in terms of tackling these challenges. Design’N’Buy has helped many print businesses to scale their businesses and solve their unique challenges with the tailored and customized solution.

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