How To Grow Your Custom Backdrop Printing Business Online

Custom Backdrop Printing Business

There is no doubt that the eCommerce ecosystem is growing at an unprecedented rate, more so because of the pandemic. Research shows that COVID-19 accelerated the shift to digital shopping from physical stores by five years.

Consumers from all backgrounds and age groups have found convenience in shopping online rather than purchasing goods at brick-and-mortar stores. In the printing world, 70% of companies reported a significant decline in print volumes since March 2020.

However, tough times called for disruption, causing the printing businesses to pivot and how! They were able to add more comprehensive services to their service portfolio and be technologically more robust — with the deployment of web to print software.

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Backdrop And Signage Is Leading The Print Market

The printed signage market is predicted to achieve a CAGR of 0.52% by 2026. With the world slowly coming back on its feet and normal out-of-home advertising taking precedence, this does not come as a surprise.

Moreover, North America is expected to remain the market with the largest ad spending even though the global spending declined last year. New printing technologies (such as W2P and inkjet printing) have enabled attractive printed backdrop and signage at affordable rates.

Besides backdrops, other large format printing such as banners, posters, and other marketing displays are now being used by companies in their showrooms and retail shops. You can learn more about large format printing software.

If you are thinking of scaling your custom backdrop printing business, look no further. This article will give you a clear idea about everything there is to know about this specific print product:

Top Materials In Which Backdrops Are Available

backdrop material

1. Vinyl

Vinyl backdrops are opaque. That means if the backdrop comprises a multi-colored photo or design, the colors will appear to be more vibrant. Since vinyl is more durable, it can withstand outdoors for a more extended period — without any damage to the print.

The only problem, however, with vinyl is that it could be challenging to store properly. If they have a slightly glossy texture, they can get spoiled when kept folded for long. Digital printing on vinyl backdrops ensures high-quality branding.

2. Fabric

fabric backdrop printing

Different types of custom fabric backdrops are available — depending on your use. Some textile options include:

A. Canvas

Suitable for use in a photo studio as it is thick and bulky — making it easy to handle. The only problem is they tend to wrinkle during transportation.

B. Muslin

Lightweight and versatile, muslin backdrops can be hung easily or draped to create folds to appeal to the final image. This might not be ideal for digital printing due to the fragility of the cloth.

C. Velour

A woven textile, it is used solely for stage draping or as a theatre curtain. It has an impressive light-absorbing quality.

D. Polyester

A popular backdrop material, it is available in different sizes and colors. Polyester is lightweight and wrinkle-free, which makes it an ideal fabric for transportation. It is perfect for both outdoor and indoor settings.

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3. Flex

Flex banner printing

If there is one material that is softer and more flexible than vinyl, it is flex. It can be printed on and recolored with the help of custom industrial printers. Such machinery usually operates like any other inkjet mechanism. However, they are engineered to accept flex material.

Flex material can be applied to t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets. Heat is applied with special printing presses so that the design bonds with the fabric permanently. Other flex printing applications include business flag banners, custom office signs, and retail store signs.

Where Are Backdrops Mainly Used?

Look around yourself — you must have come across backdrop banners at trade shows, exhibitions, wedding functions, rallies, marathons, and so on. These are also used as a background for interviews, presentations, and photo-ops — disguising as an advertising tool.

What Makes Backdrop So Popular?

  • They provide free advertising to businesses. For instance, at events, they serve as a platform for promoting brands that have sponsored.
  • They are instrumental in photo studios for their light-absorbing capabilities.
  • They make companies stand out at tradeshows and conventions and make them look more professional — although not a possibility during the pandemic.

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What Type Of Hardware Does The Backdrop Comprise?

A standard backdrop stand typically consists of two vertical poles that hold the banner up and two horizontal poles at the bottom and top for holding it all together. There are four poles — out of which two horizontal poles are slightly longer than the banner of the width.

Popular Backdrop Sizes in Demand

Backdrop banners come in many different sizes — 5-foot long, 6-foot long, 7-foot long, 12-foot long, and 8-foot wide by 4-foot long, amongst others.

Leading Printing Companies Offer Custom Backdrop Printing

Since there was only a small lull in the demand for printed backdrop, business is back to usual for many industry-leading names in the industry, including:

  • Photopia Backdrops
  • CircleOne
  • DigitalFlex
  • BannerWorld

These companies use web to print technology to enable consumers to choose from a catalog of backdrops and signages, customize them using the online product design software available within the website, and place orders on the portal quickly.

How To Start a Custom Backdrop Printing Business

There are two ways to do so, namely:

how to grow backdrop business

1. Start as a reseller

This type of business model allows you to purchase printed products in bulk from wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors and resell those items to your end-clients at affordable rates. It is a traditional retailing method and more popular with independent online shops.

The products you resell will bear a specific company’s name, giving little indication to their manufacturers or designers. In this case, you can print for other print brokers, printers, graphic designers, and marketing companies.

You can give them benefits like:

  • A 10% discount off your low prices
  • Your own dedicated customer service support
  • The option to blind-ship your printing orders in unbranded packaging, with your return address on the label (if that is something you would like to do)

Your reseller online print shop can expand into other niches without worrying about inventory costs or high shipping expenses.

2. Make a web-to-print website for design and ordering

If you want to be a wholly independent backdrop printing company that sources materials, prints, and sells on its own, then this option is for you. You can partner with multiple print-sellers and vendors who are responsible for inventory.

That way, you can also give your customers a lot of varied options in terms of products. You need to focus on operational efficiencies and improve the quality of products being sold to customers. With web-to-print technology, that is possible and more.

You can also offer your customers an online design studio to personalize their backdrops with print-ready templates. They can see the pictorial representation of the final product — thus reducing post-order errors and increasing conversions.

Plus, real-time quotation, delivery tracking, and customer service are some of the other features you can offer them via a web2print shop.

Final Thoughts: Grow Your Backdrop Printing Business Online

With the world limping back to normalcy rapidly, now is the perfect time for you to start a new business with such a massive marketing potential. Companies across domains will want to market themselves aggressively — using all means — big or small — to drive sales. What is going to be your first step in opening a business?

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*This post has been updated on Nov 2023.

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