Valentine’s Day Gifting Guide: Top 20 Print-on-Demand Product Ideas to Include in Your Print Store

Valentine products for printers to offer

February, the month of love, is here, and the day dedicated to it – Valentine’s Day, isn’t very far. So, soon the gift hunt for Valentine’s will begin, but is your store ready to face the rapid rush of customers with products that’ll attract them?

Don’t worry, here’s a complete Valentine’s gifting guide curated specially for you using which you can prepare your online print store for the great Valentine’s craze.

The Grand Sale of Valentine’s Day

Valentine Sale

The biggest sale that happens after New Year is on Valentine’s Day.

Love of all nature is celebrated on this day and in order to please or surprise one’s lovers, spouses, or significant others, people of all ages shop for anything from a tiny rose to a giant Teddy even if it’s expensive.

Since Valentine’s today isn’t just generalized as a day only for couples and even friends, families, and individuals celebrate love, compassion, and relationships with their loved ones, the sale of Valentine’s Day-specific gift items is multi-folding every year.

Valentine’s Day spending is presumed to have touched approximately 24 billion dollars in 2022 in the U.S. itself. As per the statistics, on average, women spend $106 while men spend around $291, which may even surpass this year.

 valentine gift for pet

If you think Valentine’s Day gifts are only purchased by couples, then guess what, as per records, American households spent an estimated $751.3 million on gifts for their pets on this occasion. 

Also, gift-wise sales are also recorded in billions, with all the sweet spending totaling $2.4 billion in 2020, while jewelry at a whopping $5.8 billion, and flowers at $2.3 billion.

Now, since every Valentine’s Day people are looking for something unique and trend-ready products to gift, with multiple options in print-on-demand, you can offer your customers a wide range of products to choose from and even customize them, which will help you conquer the battle of Valentine’s Day sales well and good.

The Print-on-Demand (POD) Market Potential for Valentine’s Day

POD on valentine

Personalized print products sell like hotcakes in the market, and when it’s Valentine, the demand for such products doubles because personalized gifts are most loved during Valentine’s Day. 

With the online designer tool, there’s a wide range of products that can be customized to add a personal touch to the products and the market for it is boiling as we near February 14.

So, if you are already a print store owner or are planning to open one, then February is the right time to boost your sales because just by investing in web-to-print software today, you can gain whooping profits in no time.

All you need to do is implement some sales promotion ideas as follows:

Sales Promotion Ideas for Online Print Business

1. Conduct Effective Marketing Promotion Campaigns

valentine couple

To increase customer engagement, organize online events such as minigames, customer appreciation events, game nights, quizzes, etc., or provide a cute sticker with their purchase, you can also give memorable customers a special treat in the form of exclusive offers, vouchers, or special gifts to encourage them to keep shopping from you, and lastly, personalize your customer communications with user-generated content to show your concern about their individual needs and preferences.

Also, don’t forget to advertise your promotion program on online platforms, such as social media networks, Google, etc. to extend your reach and grab the attention of customers.

2. Target High-spending Markets & Gender

As Americans top the list of Valentine’s sales at $23.9 billion (2022), followed by France at $15 billion; the United Kingdom at $1.4 billion, and Australia at $255 million (2022), promote your print store accordingly.

Also, you can market your products gender-wise too, as men often spend more money than women on Valentine’s Day.

3. Sell Multiple & Cross-sell related Products

cross selling for valentine

Offering a variety of products — can increase sales and appeal to a broader range of customers. 

So, try selling cross-sell related products; for example, if the jewelry is what the customer ordered, then offer customized gift boxes or wrapping paper along with it. 

4. Customize Your Print Store With Valentine Theme


Evoke a sense of love season coming up by tweaking your eCommerce site. To make it more appealing, you can add a red-based color to the landing page, surrounded by adorable hearts, flowers, and stickers.

Since gift-giving is tough, you can prepare detailed Valentine’s gift guidelines for your audience either by gender, by age, or by relationship types – such as Valentine’s Day gifts for her, him, or kids, or Valentine’s gifts based on zodiac signs – a thing that gen Z and millennials‌ believe and make it easier for them to pick their gifts.

So, if you are an eCommerce business owner, and are worried about your February revenue, then Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to make sales, and here’s a Valentine-specific print-on-demand selling guide for you to satisfy your beloved customers.

Print On Demand Offering Ideas for Valentine's Day

1. Custom T-shirts & Hoodies

Couple outfits are trending and you must not miss that. A t-shirt is one of the clothing items that never go out of trend. Matching couples’ t-shirts and hoodies or those with slogans top the Valentine gifting options as they cater to both comfort and style. The same goes for hoodies.

Print-on-demand t-shirts and hoodies will always be your hot-selling product not just on Valentine’s but every day due to the constant demand that you too can offer by incorporating the t-shirt design software into your print store.

2. Giftcards

valentine gift card

Who doesn’t love gift cards and vouchers? What more could be worth a gift than gifting someone the freedom to choose the product they like? Gift cards can be a lifesaver for those who forgot to purchase any gift as it costs zero time to ship, and these vouchers can be activated in minutes.

Hence, you can offer your custom gift card to encourage shoppers to shop more from your store in the future.

3. Greeting Cards

Valentine card

Cards were, are, and will remain the best way to express one’s emotions no matter what technology we have around us today. Although from physical we have moved to digital ones, greeting cards still carry a lot of emotion and which is why are till today the top-selling gift item on every occasion, especially on Valentine’s Day.

By offering plenty of free Valentine’s Day editable card templates along with a range of options, such as unique design cards, customizable cards, or cards with special features, like pop-up elements or sound chips, you can appeal to a wider audience and exceed customer’s expectation a step ahead.

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4. Photo Products

valentine photo gifts

Photo albums, calendars, canvases, collages, and frames, provide your customers complete freedom to customize multiple products with personalized photos and help make their Valentine’s Day a memorable one. Photo products are heart-warming and nothing can beat them in gifting as they are emotional, useful, and decorative items one would always cherish.

5. Posters

valentine poster

People love to frame their photos in several ways and posters are one such way of doing it. With poster design software, you can allow your customers to upload their photos and make a beautiful poster of it by adding Valentine theme-based clipart and designs and turn it into an attractive Valentine’s gift one can ever forget.

6. Event Tickets

valentine ticket

Valentine’s Day is a grand celebration and a lot of events happen before and on the day of Valentine’s. So, event holders look for print solutions to get their tickets customized with their logo and other brand details which you can offer a week before to stop them from approaching your competitors.

7. Signages & Banners

valentine banner

Finding a gift for Valentine’s Day isn’t as easy as it sounds. Hence, some focus on decorations more than gifts to surprise their loved ones. With customized signage and banners, you can cater to those who are planning a proposal or a dinner date as they can add their personal images and text on signage and banners and create a romantic set-up on their own.

You can offer your customers signage customization with the custom sign designer tool.

8. Customized Labels

wine label for valentine

People love to see their names or messages on products, and on Valentine’s Day one of the most gifted products is a wine bottle. So, by offering personalization of labels for wine bottles via custom label design software, you can win customers more than you can even imagine because trust us; it’s indeed one of the most practiced romantic gestures.

9. Packaging & Gift Wrappers

Play Video about gift box for valentine

Personalized packaging and gift wrappers grab the attention more than the gift itself since they are the first things our eyes are drawn to. Unboxing has today become a new trend because of the personalized packaging which you too can offer in your print store.

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10. Clothing

valentine socks

Custom apparel is breaking records in online ordering and hence there’s no doubt that they make the best Valentine’s gift. From socks, sweaters, scarves, beanies, trousers, and jackets, to whatnot? With online apparel design software, you can give your customers an unlimited option to customize any apparel and gift their loved ones or even pets with printed images, designs, or even texts that they like.

11. Mugs and Tumblers

One that tops the list of best Valentine’s gifts for couples is a mug. These items are lovely, meaningful, and memorable, and gifting a personalized mug or tumbler to loved ones will help them remember you every time they take a sip from it.

By installing a product personalization tool in your print store, you can not only list editable couple mugs on the list, but also serve them all year round as mugs and tumblers prove to be one of the best gifts for all age groups from kids, friends, family member, or even a teacher.

12. Mobile Covers

photo case

Phone cases have become a style statement today and hence make the best Valentine’s gift because there is no limit to the customization one can do in it.

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13. Tote Bags

valentine tote bag

Another trending product on the list is tote bags, which are environment-friendly reusable bags and can be customized with interesting and creative prints of one’s choice. They’re multi-purpose unisex bags to customize which; you can offer a variety of design options that customers will go gaga over.

14. Customized Pet Products

valentine pet product

As we mentioned before since Valentine’s isn’t all about expressing love among romantic couples, you must broaden your gifting options and include customization in pet products as well because, for a majority of people, pets are their Valentines.

So, from customized t-shirts, scarves, jackets, and hoodies, to bowls, your customers can customize anything for their pets or for themselves with photos of pets on phone cases, photo products, apparel, etc.

15. Stickers

An area where you can get all the creative you want. Customized stickers can prove to be one of the best gifting options for kids. From the cut, finish, size, and features, to what design you want on it, all can be customized using the sticker design tool software.

Everything from full-color stickers, void stickers, dome stickers, one-color stickers, static cling stickers, removable stickers, labels, roll labels, window stickers, refrigerator magnets, auto magnets, boat registration numbers, and much more can be personalized with Valentine’s theme to woo your customers. 

16. Sports Items

Since Valentine’s is for all, anyone can gift anything and sports items is one such section where usually one won’t think of gifting anything related to it, especially on Valentine’s Day but guess what, with customization, you can allow your customers personalize anything from sports apparel, water bottles, shoes, uniform, etc., and gift their beloved sports freak or anyone sports products even on Valentine’s Day.

17. Buttons

valentine buttons

Cute customized buttons are yet another great gifting option for Valentine, hence with online button design software, you can put the power of personalization in hands of your customers so that they can create personalize buttons for their loved ones and order online as per their convenience.

18. Shoes

printed shoes

Customized shoes are today a big fashion statement and hence are one of the most-sought Valentine’s gifts too. Allow your customers to add cute heart emojis, and other Valentine-related designs on shoes to make them an amazing gift item for their loved ones.

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19. Printerior Product

valentine pillow

Valentine’s gift items do not necessarily have to be all lovey-dovey. Today, printerior products are in demand and they too make an incredible Valentine’s gift item. 

With a custom printed interior and decor web-to-print solution, your customers can customize home decor printed products like curtains, pillow covers, wall art, carpets, table covers, etc., with their personalized images and designs and gift their Valentine’s a lifetime memory.

20. Custom Toys

custom teddy bear

Teddy bears and other plush toys are yet another top-selling Valentine’s gift since the time being but, to make them more desirable, you can allow your customers to add a personalized message to it in the form of a printed scarf, a heart-shaped label, tags, or anything with the help of product customization tool in your print store.

Also, if you want to score a point more than your competitors, try including anti-valentine POD products in your print store because don’t forget the singles or people who believe in self-love. Just like Valentine-based printed products, you can offer anti-valentine-based slogan t-shirts, hoodies, greeting cards, mugs, phone cases, etc. to keep them happy as well.

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Why Valentine's Day is a Blessing in Disguise Not Just for Online Retailers but for Bricks and Mortars Too

Valentine’s Day is all about exchanging gifts and with online shopping rising every day; eCommerce store owners have nothing to worry about other than marketing themselves better to beat the fierce competition.

With the growing comfort and convenience online shopping is providing its customers, brick, and mortar store owners are facing a threat regarding sales, but, if you too are one among them, then now is the time to move your store online because the future is indeed online and you don’t want to be left behind.

Our Web To Print Guide is packed with lots of useful tips and resources designed to help you promote your print business.

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So, Are You Ready to Spread the Romance Online?

If you are a print store owner and have not yet started preparing your store for Valentine’s Day; then you’ll be at a huge loss because the clock is ticking and people shop for Valentine’s gift items a week before.

 Therefore, to stay ahead of your competition, you must make the most out of Valentine’s Day because it is one of the most successful commercial holidays for businesses, with POD, in particular.

We hope our list of Valentine’s Day product examples has inspired you and allowed you to get new ideas for products to sell on your e-commerce store. 

So, get in touch with us today to integrate your suitable web-to-print solution for your print store and help your customers express their love for their partners, pets, gal pals, BFFs, and co-workers, or even make them feel good about being single by promoting self-love, all via custom print-on-demand products.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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