How WooCommerce Print Store Grew Faster with DesignNBuy Web to Print Platform

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At DesignNBuy, we are committed to our client’s success, offering industry-leading web to print solutions that empower printing businesses globally. Our expertise in integrating with WooCommerce has helped numerous print shops achieve extraordinary growth.

In this post, we’ll delve into how we’ve empowered several WooCommerce Print Shop to achieve remarkable results.

How WooCommerce Print Shops Leveled Up with DesignNBuy

Learn how DesignNBuy revolutionized the printing operations and design processes of WooCommerce Print Shops, enhancing their efficiency and fostering their sales.

1. Ascend Sportswear

We integrated our fully customized Web to Print Software for a US-based sportswear printer with their existing WooCommerce storefront. In addition, we installed a live 3D preview functionality so that their end customers could customize the sportswear and see how their orders would look on getting printed — under a single roof.

The 3D preview feature was enabled for each product like thermal vests and jackets, shorts, t-shirts, and hoodies to benefit the end customers. This subsequently led to an increase in orders placed on their web to print website.

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#1 WooCommerce Product Designer Plugin

Our WooCommerce product designer plugin is ideal for businesses across all printing verticals. Integrate our Web to Print Software with your storefront to offer live 3D previews, enhance customer experience, &  boost your sales.

2. DutchWare

We were approached by a camping hammocks and accessories provider Dutchware from the USA who wanted to set up a separate Print2Fabric section on their website that enabled their end customers to customize hammocks and tarps fully. We integrated our Fabric Design Software into their website and deployed print ready templates for the said products.

In addition, we also introduced the option to choose between different types of fabrics so that their end customers could easily select the most suitable material for their hammocks and tarps.


A WooCommerce printing website, they wanted us to install web to print templates for the convenience of their end customers. They also wanted to add multiple filtering options for media types (vinyl, window cling, canvas) and sizes, along with print-ready and personalized templates for banners.

We also deployed a woocommerce product designer that enabled them to accept all image formats and allowed their end customers to design independently.

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